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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Morocco for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
SafiMenara Airport
El JadidaMohammed V International Airport
YoussoufiaMenara Airport
mohammed boulaich el habate ksar sghirIbn Batouta Airport
Sidi BennourMohammed V International Airport
AzemmourMohammed V International Airport
Sidi SmailMohammed V International Airport
Ait RkhaMohammed V International Airport
Zaouia Bou SaidMenara Airport
LadilateMenara Airport
MannsourMenara Airport
Zaouia el Hedil MamraMenara Airport
Oulad AbdallahMenara Airport
LayaidaMenara Airport
Douar Hammou Ben LaguiMenara Airport
Oulad YaminaMenara Airport
Souk ej Jemaa el KhoualkaMenara Airport
Oulad AliMenara Airport
Oulad MiraMenara Airport
Oulad Bou SakeneMenara Airport
Sidi Mohammed Bel MaatiMohammed V International Airport
Douar Oulad BrahimMohammed V International Airport
Lalla SalahMohammed V International Airport
Oulad Sidi AhmedMenara Airport
Douar MoualdaMenara Airport
Douar el HamidatMenara Airport
Al MnasraMenara Airport
AbaidlatMenara Airport
AbboubMohammed V International Airport
Abd el KaderMenara Airport
Abd el KamelMenara Airport
AddadaMenara Airport
AgdalMenara Airport
Ahiout El KohiaMohammed V International Airport
Ahl ChaifMenara Airport
Ain BeidaMenara Airport
Aissa Abd el KaderMenara Airport
Ait Ali MoussaMenara Airport
Ali Ben ChamaMenara Airport
AliouatMenara Airport
Ali Oulad MbarekMenara Airport
Allah Bou HammouMenara Airport
AllalMenara Airport
AmdelMenara Airport
Aouine el KsebMenara Airport
ArabatMenara Airport
Azib El OuezzaniMenara Airport
Azib KhoualkaMenara Airport
Azib SalahMenara Airport
Aziz Oulad SouilemMenara Airport
CityNearest Airport
Belaid ChafourMenara Airport
Bel HamidiaMenara Airport
Bel HarehMenara Airport
BellaMenara Airport
BellatMenara Airport
Bel RhalmiaMenara Airport
Ben AliMenara Airport
Beni AichiMenara Airport
Beni DrhourhMenara Airport
Beni KradiMenara Airport
Ben RhanndourMenara Airport
Ben SassiMenara Airport
Bir-ChehamMenara Airport
Bir JdidMohammed V International Airport
Bir NhelMenara Airport
Bit el MekkiMohammed V International Airport
BoualatMenara Airport
BouallalaMenara Airport
Bou AzzaMenara Airport
BouchaibMenara Airport
Bouchaib Ben RahhalMenara Airport
Bouchaib el HamriMenara Airport
BouhaidatMenara Airport
BouihMenara Airport
BouilhatMenara Airport
BoulaouaneMohammed V International Airport
BounifelMenara Airport
Bou RhediraMenara Airport
Bou SedraMohammed V International Airport
Bou SouniaMenara Airport
BoussouniMenara Airport
BrinatMenara Airport
BsaalafMenara Airport
Caid Bou ChtaMenara Airport
Caid HajiMenara Airport
Caid Said Ben DaouiaMenara Airport
Dar el Caid ZerhouniMenara Airport
ChaallaMenara Airport
ChahaimatMenara Airport
ChaitaMenara Airport
ChehadaMenara Airport
Cheikh Ben SoltanaMenara Airport
Cheikh JilaliMenara Airport
Cheikh Kaddour Ben AhmedMenara Airport
ChemaiaMenara Airport
ChemamaMenara Airport
CheninatMenara Airport
CheninatMenara Airport
CheninatMenara Airport
CheninatMenara Airport