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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Senegal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
KoldaZiguinchor Airport
VelingaraTambacounda Airport
SedhiouZiguinchor Airport
MarsassoumZiguinchor Airport
IdaZiguinchor Airport
TanbanandingZiguinchor Airport
AbekoutaTambacounda Airport
AdianaZiguinchor Airport
AdioufaZiguinchor Airport
AdjingZiguinchor Airport
Aine MadiZiguinchor Airport
AkalTambacounda Airport
AkintouZiguinchor Airport
AkoundeTambacounda Airport
AlalonTambacounda Airport
AlanbatoZiguinchor Airport
Alfa SadouZiguinchor Airport
AlikaliTambacounda Airport
AlkalikoundaZiguinchor Airport
AlouteZiguinchor Airport
AmadraTambacounda Airport
AmanatoulayeTambacounda Airport
AnambeTambacounda Airport
AndioumeZiguinchor Airport
AnisseZiguinchor Airport
AnkobiriZiguinchor Airport
AnpountoumZiguinchor Airport
AssoumouneZiguinchor Airport
AwatabaTambacounda Airport
AyenemadiTambacounda Airport
BabadiZiguinchor Airport
BabiraZiguinchor Airport
BadiandianZiguinchor Airport
BadiandoumKaolack Airport
BadiaraTambacounda Airport
BadiariZiguinchor Airport
BadimbourZiguinchor Airport
BadindinZiguinchor Airport
BadindinZiguinchor Airport
BadinndingZiguinchor Airport
BadionTambacounda Airport
Badiou BatanTambacounda Airport
BadjikoundaZiguinchor Airport
BadjikoundaZiguinchor Airport
BadjimorZiguinchor Airport
BadobarZiguinchor Airport
BadougaZiguinchor Airport
Badoumba DiaeZiguinchor Airport
Badoumba KereouaneZiguinchor Airport
Badoumba MamadouZiguinchor Airport
CityNearest Airport
BafabantanZiguinchor Airport
BafataZiguinchor Airport
BagadadjiZiguinchor Airport
BagadadjiZiguinchor Airport
BaghangaZiguinchor Airport
BakadajiZiguinchor Airport
BakayokoTambacounda Airport
BakorTambacounda Airport
BakoumZiguinchor Airport
BakoundiZiguinchor Airport
BalakoundaTambacounda Airport
BalalaZiguinchor Airport
BalingorZiguinchor Airport
BalingorZiguinchor Airport
BalkamissaZiguinchor Airport
BalmadouZiguinchor Airport
Balo KoundaTambacounda Airport
BalokoundaTambacounda Airport
Balo KoundaTambacounda Airport
BalokoundaTambacounda Airport
BamakoTambacounda Airport
BamakoundaZiguinchor Airport
BambadalaKaolack Airport
BambaliZiguinchor Airport
BambarakoundaZiguinchor Airport
BambatoZiguinchor Airport
BanankourouTambacounda Airport
BanbadalaZiguinchor Airport
BanbadinnkaTambacounda Airport
BanbadionZiguinchor Airport
BombaliZiguinchor Airport
Bandoukounda BaldeZiguinchor Airport
BanebaZiguinchor Airport
BanebaZiguinchor Airport
BanharZiguinchor Airport
BaniZiguinchor Airport
BaniZiguinchor Airport
BaniZiguinchor Airport
BaniereZiguinchor Airport
BanimaZiguinchor Airport
BaniouZiguinchor Airport
BanoungouneZiguinchor Airport
Bantakili MoulayeTambacounda Airport
Banta Koutoum PakaneTambacounda Airport
BantandiangZiguinchor Airport
BantandiangZiguinchor Airport
BantanguelTambacounda Airport
Bantangueul KassoumTambacounda Airport
BantanielZiguinchor Airport
Bantanki DouloTambacounda Airport