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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Senegal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Nioro du RipKaolack Airport
KoungheulTambacounda Airport
NdofaneKaolack Airport
GandiayeKaolack Airport
AinoumalKaolack Airport
AinoumalKaolack Airport
Ali GaneKaolack Airport
Alla GaouriKaolack Airport
AlloukiKaolack Airport
AloukiKaolack Airport
ArafaKaolack Airport
Aye NoumadKaolack Airport
BabanemKaolack Airport
BabouKaolack Airport
Bab SarKaolack Airport
BadieneKaolack Airport
Bafara DialaKaolack Airport
BaganaKaolack Airport
BailarKaolack Airport
BaitiKaolack Airport
BaititKaolack Airport
BakesaloumKaolack Airport
BakoKaolack Airport
BaliKaolack Airport
BambaKaolack Airport
BambaKaolack Airport
BambaliKaolack Airport
Bamba MamadouKaolack Airport
Bamba MoussaKaolack Airport
BandKaolack Airport
Bandioul BanteKaolack Airport
BandoulouKaolack Airport
BaneKaolack Airport
BaneKaolack Airport
BangareKaolack Airport
BaniKaolack Airport
BankoumaKaolack Airport
BaouKaolack Airport
BarakoundaKaolack Airport
BarkedjiKaolack Airport
BarkedjiKaolack Airport
BarkjewelKaolack Airport
BaroneKaolack Airport
BassabouKaolack Airport
Batiare Ouro GueladjoKaolack Airport
BatoulaneTambacounda Airport
BayandourKaolack Airport
BelaKaolack Airport
BeleKaolack Airport
Belel BaboTambacounda Airport
CityNearest Airport
BelogneKaolack Airport
BelonguiKaolack Airport
Bene DjoumaKaolack Airport
Bene MamourKaolack Airport
BenntinguiKaolack Airport
BidiamKaolack Airport
BilKaolack Airport
BinngelKaolack Airport
Biram DiateKaolack Airport
BirkelaneKaolack Airport
Bitaene Keur Abdou DiakateKaolack Airport
BodeKaolack Airport
BofiKaolack Airport
BogalarKaolack Airport
BoguelKaolack Airport
Boki Baga PuiKaolack Airport
Boki DiorTambacounda Airport
BondieKaolack Airport
Bondie PeulKaolack Airport
Bondie TiameneKaolack Airport
Bondie TiareneKaolack Airport
BosKaolack Airport
Bossedji BaraKaolack Airport
Bossedji Bobou FayeKaolack Airport
BoubaneKaolack Airport
BouboudiemeKaolack Airport
BoudayeKaolack Airport
BoudieguelKaolack Airport
BouldiabeKaolack Airport
BoulelKaolack Airport
BoulelKaolack Airport
Bouleye DiaKaolack Airport
BouliKaolack Airport
Bouli SoutouraKaolack Airport
Boulogne DiavandouKaolack Airport
Boulou BokiKaolack Airport
Boul PeulKaolack Airport
BoumaKaolack Airport
BoumbouniKaolack Airport
BountoumKaolack Airport
BourdiopKaolack Airport
BoussouraKaolack Airport
BoutieKaolack Airport
BoveKaolack Airport
Boye GnibiKaolack Airport
CoupeKaolack Airport
DabaliKaolack Airport
DabaneKaolack Airport
Dabane OuolofKaolack Airport
DafarKaolack Airport