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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Senegal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
KedougouKédougou Airport
DiawaraBakel Airport
BountouKédougou Airport
BondalaKédougou Airport
WortokhatiKédougou Airport
KouroukoukanaKédougou Airport
KeniekeniebandingKédougou Airport
LefakhoKédougou Airport
Berola MadinaKédougou Airport
MandankholiKédougou Airport
DoutaKédougou Airport
DoumakhiaKédougou Airport
ToureboungKédougou Airport
Kodi KouroumaKédougou Airport
BofetoKédougou Airport
Kodi KouroubamaKédougou Airport
BantankhoKédougou Airport
SanselaKédougou Airport
KanimoussayaKédougou Airport
DinkokonoKédougou Airport
BindigueaKédougou Airport
BanfarotoKédougou Airport
MandakoliKédougou Airport
SaboussireKédougou Airport
DioulafoundouKédougou Airport
MoussalaKédougou Airport
SekhotoKédougou Airport
KolondonseKédougou Airport
DantiliaKédougou Airport
SakhofaraKédougou Airport
SakhodofiKédougou Airport
Gourel BouliBakel Airport
Fissa IIBakel Airport
WandaliBakel Airport
Soumbourou DakaBakel Airport
LagoBakel Airport
Diala AmadouBakel Airport
DiabougouBakel Airport
CarrefourBakel Airport
Diobili FoulbeBakel Airport
Missira Samba YisseBakel Airport
Samba NiameBakel Airport
TiokeBakel Airport
GangalaBakel Airport
BalouBakel Airport
DaharatouBakel Airport
ToumbouguelBakel Airport
Loumbi SadioBakel Airport
Gourel SadioBakel Airport
Gourel MatioudoBakel Airport
CityNearest Airport
Sintiou Seydou NdoulaBakel Airport
Gourel Seydou NdoulaBakel Airport
SakoBakel Airport
Gourel Ari KharaBakel Airport
Gourel Ablaye DiawBakel Airport
Gourel Mamadou BarraBakel Airport
BoubouyaBakel Airport
Darou SalamBakel Airport
SanoukholeBakel Airport
Saboussire GatiariBakel Airport
Takoutala IIBakel Airport
ToulidokoBakel Airport
Gourel Sada LileBakel Airport
Sintiou BodelBakel Airport
Sintiou BabaBakel Airport
Dindoudi DokaBakel Airport
Lewa DiawandeleBakel Airport
GuimaBakel Airport
SoholBakel Airport
RinkoriBakel Airport
Gourel GuireyeBakel Airport
GaralaBakel Airport
GonadoBakel Airport
Gourel TiamaBakel Airport
GuedaBakel Airport
Sira Doundou BarkaBakel Airport
GandjiBakel Airport
Loumboul TobitoBakel Airport
SenyeBakel Airport
Kadiel SeoudouBakel Airport
KoyniguelBakel Airport
AcareBakel Airport
TieleBakel Airport
Gourel BambaBakel Airport
ListaBakel Airport
Fetou KodioliBakel Airport
Gourel Samba KetieliBakel Airport
Ouro AmatBakel Airport
Gourel MakaBakel Airport
KoulorTambacounda Airport
Gourel DiawambeTambacounda Airport
TalibadjiTambacounda Airport
Sintiou Bocar SambTambacounda Airport
BodeTambacounda Airport
Sintiou BacaryTambacounda Airport
LyndianeKédougou Airport
KaforiKédougou Airport
KelimbouKédougou Airport
WassayaKédougou Airport
DimboliKédougou Airport