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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Senegal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
PourhamKaolack Airport
GuinguineoKaolack Airport
SokoneKaolack Airport
DiofiorKaolack Airport
PassiKaolack Airport
FoundiougneKaolack Airport
KansolaZiguinchor Airport
AinoumaneZiguinchor Airport
Djinak BaraKaolack Airport
OudieringKaolack Airport
Ndangane ToutiKaolack Airport
SaralKaolack Airport
KossarKaolack Airport
FouraKaolack Airport
Diogane SosseKaolack Airport
BamboungKaolack Airport
DioganeKaolack Airport
NdioundioukhKaolack Airport
DioureKaolack Airport
SiwoKaolack Airport
NghadiorKaolack Airport
MayaKaolack Airport
FambineKaolack Airport
BakhalouKaolack Airport
Ker Mot FatouKaolack Airport
Ker Lamin JammehKaolack Airport
Ker Alhaji JeinKaolack Airport
Keur Bourama BoboKaolack Airport
Keur Ousainou JengKaolack Airport
Keur Set KoumbaKaolack Airport
Ker Momat JuliKaolack Airport
Sanch KarangKaolack Airport
Karang BaKaolack Airport
BakindikKaolack Airport
AidraKaolack Airport
AlikaKaolack Airport
AraldeKaolack Airport
Ate NdiayeKaolack Airport
AtiouKaolack Airport
Aye NoumaneKaolack Airport
BabaliKaolack Airport
Babou NaimKaolack Airport
BabouniKaolack Airport
Badiane NemKaolack Airport
BadjiKaolack Airport
BaeKaolack Airport
BafayeKaolack Airport
BafelKaolack Airport
BagadadjiKaolack Airport
BailaKaolack Airport
CityNearest Airport
BaitiKaolack Airport
BakKaolack Airport
Bak DiorKaolack Airport
BakemKaolack Airport
BakoudiemKaolack Airport
BakousKaolack Airport
BalolKaolack Airport
Bambadala KonteneKaolack Airport
Bambadala TiakoKaolack Airport
Bam DjiganeKaolack Airport
BananeKaolack Airport
BandandarKaolack Airport
BandialaKaolack Airport
BandioKaolack Airport
BaneKaolack Airport
BangadjKaolack Airport
Bangaye SamboKaolack Airport
BanouKaolack Airport
BaoulKaolack Airport
BarbaouaneKaolack Airport
BariaKaolack Airport
BarsineKaolack Airport
BassarKaolack Airport
BassoulKaolack Airport
BelfadakKaolack Airport
BelkhorKaolack Airport
BetantiKaolack Airport
BeteouKaolack Airport
BidjikaKaolack Airport
BikolKaolack Airport
BilKaolack Airport
BinandarKaolack Airport
Bine Abdou GueyeKaolack Airport
BinndiouKaolack Airport
BinnguerKaolack Airport
BohofKaolack Airport
Boki LotchiKaolack Airport
BokobofKaolack Airport
BoliKaolack Airport
BolonasKaolack Airport
BossinnkaKaolack Airport
BoubeneKaolack Airport
Bouli BiraneKaolack Airport
BoulieriKaolack Airport
BoumbaliKaolack Airport
Bountou MbarKaolack Airport
BoureKaolack Airport
BourleKaolack Airport
BoyarKaolack Airport
DagaKaolack Airport