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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Senegal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
TieboKaolack Airport
MbakeKaolack Airport
AbdouKaolack Airport
AfeKaolack Airport
AlieKaolack Airport
AmamaKaolack Airport
Amat OuwarouKaolack Airport
Amet NiavelKaolack Airport
Antou ManeKaolack Airport
Baba-GarageKaolack Airport
Baba GayeKaolack Airport
BabarKaolack Airport
BabateKaolack Airport
Babel FeraKaolack Airport
Ba BleulKaolack Airport
BadarKaolack Airport
BadianeKaolack Airport
Badie KadKaolack Airport
BaitiKaolack Airport
Baiti DiaKaolack Airport
Baiti DiaKaolack Airport
BakbousKaolack Airport
BakiKaolack Airport
BakoponeKaolack Airport
BakoureKaolack Airport
Bala DiayeKaolack Airport
Bala DiobeneKaolack Airport
Bala PaleneKaolack Airport
BambKaolack Airport
BambeKaolack Airport
BambeyKaolack Airport
BambliKaolack Airport
BampanaLéopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
BananeKaolack Airport
BangayeKaolack Airport
BaodeKaolack Airport
BarandaoKaolack Airport
BarindondolKaolack Airport
BarkedjiKaolack Airport
Barkedji MboulKaolack Airport
BatalKaolack Airport
BayeneKaolack Airport
Belel DiabiKaolack Airport
BelkiKaolack Airport
BenngueneKaolack Airport
Beri DiagneKaolack Airport
BetoKaolack Airport
BobaKaolack Airport
BobiKaolack Airport
Bode DiengKaolack Airport
CityNearest Airport
Bode Mamadou DiengKaolack Airport
BofeKaolack Airport
BoheneKaolack Airport
BokondineKaolack Airport
Bolel GariKaolack Airport
BoloKaolack Airport
BonboyeKaolack Airport
BorodeneKaolack Airport
Boulel BaboriKaolack Airport
BoumeKaolack Airport
BoungoyeKaolack Airport
BoussouraKaolack Airport
BoustaneKaolack Airport
BoutboulKaolack Airport
Dabel BaraKaolack Airport
DadjKaolack Airport
DagaKaolack Airport
Daga DioufKaolack Airport
DaganabeKaolack Airport
DalaKaolack Airport
Dam DabayeKaolack Airport
Dam DiopKaolack Airport
DangalmaKaolack Airport
DangolKaolack Airport
DankKaolack Airport
DaraKaolack Airport
Dara DieboKaolack Airport
Dara Motar DiopKaolack Airport
Dara Ser MbakeKaolack Airport
Dara SineKaolack Airport
Dare DiagalKaolack Airport
DarouKaolack Airport
DarouKaolack Airport
DarouKaolack Airport
DarouKaolack Airport
DarouKaolack Airport
Darou BademKaolack Airport
Darou BamaneKaolack Airport
Darou DiaKaolack Airport
Darou DiengKaolack Airport
Darou DiopKaolack Airport
Darou DiopKaolack Airport
Darou DiopKaolack Airport
Darou KadeneKaolack Airport
Darou KadimKaolack Airport
Darou KarimKaolack Airport
Darou MalamKaolack Airport
Darou Maram DogadeKaolack Airport
Darou MarnaneKaolack Airport
Darou MbakeKaolack Airport