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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Senegal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Dakar(Dakar)Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
Grand Dakar(Dakar)Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
Thies Nones(Thies)Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
Ziguinchor(Ziguinchor)Ziguinchor Airport
Tiebo(Diourbel)Kaolack Airport
Mbake(Diourbel)Kaolack Airport
Kolda(Kolda Region)Ziguinchor Airport
Richard Toll(Saint-Louis)Saint Louis Airport
Joal-Fadiout(Thies)Kaolack Airport
Dara(Louga)Saint Louis Airport
Ndibene Dahra(Louga)Saint Louis Airport
Bignona(Ziguinchor)Ziguinchor Airport
Pourham(Fatick)Kaolack Airport
Velingara(Kolda Region)Tambacounda Airport
Nioro du Rip(Kaolack)Kaolack Airport
Sedhiou(Kolda Region)Ziguinchor Airport
Mekhe(Thies)Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
Kedougou(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Nguekokh(Thies)Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
Pout(Thies)Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
Kayar(Thies)Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
Guinguineo(Fatick)Kaolack Airport
Ouro Sogui(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Koungheul(Kaolack)Tambacounda Airport
Ndioum(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Khombole(Thies)Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
Sokone(Fatick)Kaolack Airport
Tiadiaye(Thies)Kaolack Airport
Kanel(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Ndofane(Kaolack)Kaolack Airport
Rosso(Saint-Louis)Saint Louis Airport
Gandiaye(Kaolack)Kaolack Airport
Ouaounde(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Diofior(Fatick)Kaolack Airport
Tionk Essil(Ziguinchor)Ziguinchor Airport
Diawara(Tambacounda)Bakel Airport
Marsassoum(Kolda Region)Ziguinchor Airport
Passi(Fatick)Kaolack Airport
Golere(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Foundiougne(Fatick)Kaolack Airport
Semme(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Oussouye(Ziguinchor)Cap Skirring Airport
Warang(Thies)Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
Polel Diaoube- Sogui Airport
Ranerou(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Bantankho(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Sounnatou(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Kodi Kouroubama(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Bofeto(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Kodi Kourouma(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
CityNearest Airport
Fonde Diarangel(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Toureboung(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Gourel Dani(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Ngarane(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Kouroukoukana(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Koyll Diao(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Ouassetake(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Doumakhia(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Fonde Ngouri(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Gadiobe(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Perlele(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Galdadi(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Podor(Saint-Louis)Saint Louis Airport
Douta(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Mandankholi(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Vende Mahil(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Gourel Sakedji(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Bondala(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Berola Madina(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Sambowte(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Dioulafoundou(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Pourele(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Gourel Bey(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Ganguel(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Galoya Foulbe(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Thiourouf(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Ouro Diawdi(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport
Balel Pathe(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport
Gawdal II(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport
Joncto(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport
Mauw(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport
Molle Wala(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport
Lefakho(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Dial Foulbe(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport
Ndiafat Sorokoum(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport
Vendou Dioyi(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport
Hodio(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport
Vendou Namari(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport
Felou(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Dougou(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Ouro Boyba Diallo(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport
Diorbivol Station(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Diam Oury(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Fonde Thiewo(Saint-Louis)Ouro Sogui Airport
Bountou(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Sakhodofi(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Ouro Mamadou(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport
Sakhofara(Tambacounda)Kédougou Airport
Assere(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport
Boulidow(Matam)Ouro Sogui Airport