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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Brazil for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
GoianiaSanta Genoveva Airport
AnapolisBase Aérea Airport
LuzianiaPresidente Juscelino Kubistschek International Airport
TrindadeSanta Genoveva Airport
PlanaltinaPresidente Juscelino Kubistschek International Airport
FormosaPresidente Juscelino Kubistschek International Airport
ItumbiaraTen. Cel. Aviador César Bombonato Airport
JataiBarra do Garças Airport
Caldas NovasTen. Cel. Aviador César Bombonato Airport
CatalaoTen. Cel. Aviador César Bombonato Airport
Senador CanedoSanta Genoveva Airport
GoianesiaBase Aérea Airport
InhumasSanta Genoveva Airport
MineirosBarra do Garças Airport
CristalinaPresidente Juscelino Kubistschek International Airport
Santa Helena de GoiasSanta Genoveva Airport
MorrinhosSanta Genoveva Airport
PorangatuMinaçu Airport
QuirinopolisTen. Cel. Aviador César Bombonato Airport
JaraguaBase Aérea Airport
UruacuMinaçu Airport
IporaBarra do Garças Airport
NiquelandiaMinaçu Airport
GoiatubaTen. Cel. Aviador César Bombonato Airport
Pires do RioSanta Genoveva Airport
Sao Luis de Montes BelosSanta Genoveva Airport
GoianiraSanta Genoveva Airport
ItaberaiSanta Genoveva Airport
NeropolisSanta Genoveva Airport
PosseMinaçu Airport
ItapurangaBase Aérea Airport
GoiasSanta Genoveva Airport
Sao Miguel do AraguaiaMinaçu Airport
CeresBase Aérea Airport
IpameriTen. Cel. Aviador César Bombonato Airport
AragarcasBarra do Garças Airport
PiracanjubaSanta Genoveva Airport
RubiatabaBase Aérea Airport
Padre BernardoPresidente Juscelino Kubistschek International Airport
ItapaciBase Aérea Airport
AnicunsSanta Genoveva Airport
Campos BelosMinaçu Airport
Bela Vista de GoiasSanta Genoveva Airport
PontalinaSanta Genoveva Airport
PirenopolisBase Aérea Airport
Palmeiras de GoiasSanta Genoveva Airport
CrixasBase Aérea Airport
SilvaniaBase Aérea Airport
MozarlandiaBarra do Garças Airport
CaiaponiaBarra do Garças Airport
CityNearest Airport
UruanaBase Aérea Airport
GoianapolisSanta Genoveva Airport
CacuSanta Genoveva Airport
GuapoSanta Genoveva Airport
PiranhasBarra do Garças Airport
EdeiaSanta Genoveva Airport
ParaunaSanta Genoveva Airport
Buriti AlegreTen. Cel. Aviador César Bombonato Airport
RialmaBase Aérea Airport
IaciaraMinaçu Airport
FirminopolisSanta Genoveva Airport
ItapirapuaSanta Genoveva Airport
VianopolisBase Aérea Airport
Petrolina de GoiasBase Aérea Airport
OrizonaSanta Genoveva Airport
HidrolandiaSanta Genoveva Airport
AbadianiaBase Aérea Airport
Carmo do Rio VerdeBase Aérea Airport
Sao DomingosMinaçu Airport
CavalcanteMinaçu Airport
Vila PropicioBase Aérea Airport
Vila BoaPresidente Juscelino Kubistschek International Airport
VicentinopolisSanta Genoveva Airport
Valparaiso de GoiasPresidente Juscelino Kubistschek International Airport
UruitaBase Aérea Airport
UruceresBase Aérea Airport
UirapuruMinaçu Airport
TurvelandiaSanta Genoveva Airport
Termas de ItajaAraçatuba Airport
Terezopolis de GoiasBase Aérea Airport
Teresina de GoiasMinaçu Airport
TaveiraMinaçu Airport
Taquaral de GoiasBase Aérea Airport
SimolandiaMinaçu Airport
Serra DouradaSanta Genoveva Airport
Sao PatricioBase Aérea Airport
Sao Miguel do Passa QuatroSanta Genoveva Airport
Sao Luiz do NorteBase Aérea Airport
Sao Joao da ParaunaSanta Genoveva Airport
Santo Antonio do DescobertoPresidente Juscelino Kubistschek International Airport
Santo Antonio de GoiasSanta Genoveva Airport
Santo Antonio da BarraSanta Genoveva Airport
Santa Terezinha de GoiasMinaçu Airport
Santa Tereza de GoiasMinaçu Airport
Santa Rosa de GoiasBase Aérea Airport
Santa Rita do Novo DestinoBase Aérea Airport
Santa IsabelBase Aérea Airport
Santa Fe de GoiasBarra do Garças Airport
Santa Barbara de GoiasSanta Genoveva Airport
SanclerlandiaSanta Genoveva Airport