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Note: Data of all the airports in the Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Brazil for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
NatalAugusto Severo Airport
MossoroDix-Sept Rosado Airport
ParnamirimAugusto Severo Airport
CaicoDix-Sept Rosado Airport
MacaibaAugusto Severo Airport
AcuDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Currais NovosPresidente João Suassuna Airport
Ceara MirimAugusto Severo Airport
Santa CruzAugusto Severo Airport
Nova CruzAugusto Severo Airport
Joao CamaraAugusto Severo Airport
CanguaretamaAugusto Severo Airport
Areia BrancaDix-Sept Rosado Airport
MacauDix-Sept Rosado Airport
ExtremozAugusto Severo Airport
ApodiDix-Sept Rosado Airport
ParelhasPresidente João Suassuna Airport
Sao Jose de MipibuAugusto Severo Airport
BaraunaDix-Sept Rosado Airport
GoianinhaAugusto Severo Airport
Sao MiguelAugusto Severo Airport
Santo AntonioAugusto Severo Airport
CaraubasDix-Sept Rosado Airport
JucurutuDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Jardim de PiranhasDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Sao Goncalo do AmaranteAugusto Severo Airport
Sao Jose do CampestreAugusto Severo Airport
Nisia FlorestaAugusto Severo Airport
Ponta NegraAugusto Severo Airport
AlexandriaDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Jardim do SeridoPresidente João Suassuna Airport
PendenciasDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Sao Paulo do PotengiAugusto Severo Airport
PatuDix-Sept Rosado Airport
UmarizalDix-Sept Rosado Airport
MontanhasAugusto Severo Airport
TangaraAugusto Severo Airport
Santana do MatosDix-Sept Rosado Airport
AngicosDix-Sept Rosado Airport
TourosAugusto Severo Airport
BrejinhoAugusto Severo Airport
AresAugusto Severo Airport
Poco BrancoAugusto Severo Airport
Afonso BezerraDix-Sept Rosado Airport
UpanemaDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Monte AlegreAugusto Severo Airport
Governador Dix Sept RosadoDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Pedro VelhoAugusto Severo Airport
Sao TomeAugusto Severo Airport
Lagoa NovaAugusto Severo Airport
CityNearest Airport
Cerro CoraAugusto Severo Airport
IpanguacuDix-Sept Rosado Airport
TaipuAugusto Severo Airport
Severiano MeloDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Caicara do NorteAugusto Severo Airport
Venha VerDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Triunfo PotiguarDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Tenente Laurentino CruzDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Serra do MelDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Serra da TapuiaAugusto Severo Airport
Senador Georgino AvelinoAugusto Severo Airport
Senador Eloi de SouzaAugusto Severo Airport
Sao Francisco do OesteDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Sao BernardoDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Santo Antonio do PotengiAugusto Severo Airport
Santana do SeridoPresidente João Suassuna Airport
Santa FeAugusto Severo Airport
RosarioDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Rafael GodeiroDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Presidente JuscelinoAugusto Severo Airport
Passa e FicaAugusto Severo Airport
ParanaDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Monte das GameleirasAugusto Severo Airport
Messias TarginoDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Mata de Sao BrazDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Major FelipeDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Lagoa NovaAugusto Severo Airport
Lagoa dAntaAugusto Severo Airport
Jundia de CimaAugusto Severo Airport
ItajaDix-Sept Rosado Airport
IpirangaAugusto Severo Airport
Frutuoso GomesDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Corrego de Sao MateusAugusto Severo Airport
Barao de Serra BrancaDix-Sept Rosado Airport
PetropolisAugusto Severo Airport
TirolAugusto Severo Airport
RocasAugusto Severo Airport
RibeiraAugusto Severo Airport
JenipabuAugusto Severo Airport
RedinhaAugusto Severo Airport
Serra BrancaDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Poco RedondoDix-Sept Rosado Airport
TrapiaDix-Sept Rosado Airport
AlegriaAugusto Severo Airport
Sao PedroDix-Sept Rosado Airport
TanquesDix-Sept Rosado Airport
RiachoDix-Sept Rosado Airport
Canto do FeijaoDix-Sept Rosado Airport
FloresDix-Sept Rosado Airport
PalheiroDix-Sept Rosado Airport