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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Brazil for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Campo GrandeCampo Grande Airport
DouradosPonta Porã Airport
CorumbaCorumbá International Airport
Tres LagoasAraçatuba Airport
Ponta PoraPonta Porã Airport
NaviraiPonta Porã Airport
AquidauanaCampo Grande Airport
ParanaibaAraçatuba Airport
CoximCampo Grande Airport
JardimPonta Porã Airport
Campo VerdeCampo Grande Airport
MaracajuPonta Porã Airport
Rio BrilhantePonta Porã Airport
AnastacioCampo Grande Airport
CassilandiaAraçatuba Airport
Bela VistaPonta Porã Airport
Aparecida do TaboadoAraçatuba Airport
SidrolandiaCampo Grande Airport
Rio Verde de Mato GrossoCampo Grande Airport
LadarioCorumbá International Airport
Porto Barra do IvinheimaRegional de Maringá - Sílvio Nane Junior Airport
BonitoPonta Porã Airport
CaarapoPonta Porã Airport
MirandaCampo Grande Airport
Costa RicaPonta Porã Airport
Porto MurtinhoPonta Porã Airport
Ribas do Rio PardoCampo Grande Airport
CamapuaCampo Grande Airport
Guia Lopes da LagunaPonta Porã Airport
IguatemiPonta Porã Airport
EldoradoCascavel Airport
BataiporaRegional de Maringá - Sílvio Nane Junior Airport
ParanhosPonta Porã Airport
TerenosCampo Grande Airport
Fazenda Barranco AltoCorumbá International Airport
Vila VargasPonta Porã Airport
Vila UniaoPonta Porã Airport
Vila RicaPonta Porã Airport
Vila FormosaPonta Porã Airport
VicentinaPonta Porã Airport
VelhacariaAraçatuba Airport
TaquarussuRegional de Maringá - Sílvio Nane Junior Airport
TaquariCampo Grande Airport
TamandareAraçatuba Airport
SonoraMarechal Rondon Airport
Sete QuedasPonta Porã Airport
SelviriaAraçatuba Airport
Sao Jose do SucuriuAraçatuba Airport
Sao JosePonta Porã Airport
Sao Joao do AporeAraçatuba Airport
CityNearest Airport
Sao Gabriel do OesteCampo Grande Airport
Santa TerezinhaPonta Porã Airport
Santa Rita do PardoPresidente Prudente Airport
Quebra CocoCampo Grande Airport
Presidente CasteloPonta Porã Airport
Porto XV de NovembroPresidente Prudente Airport
Porto VilmaPonta Porã Airport
Pontinha do CochoCampo Grande Airport
PiraporaPonta Porã Airport
OrienteAraçatuba Airport
Novo Horizonte do SulPonta Porã Airport
Nova JalesAraçatuba Airport
Nova EsperancaCampo Grande Airport
Nova EsperancaPonta Porã Airport
Nova AndradinaRegional de Maringá - Sílvio Nane Junior Airport
Nova AmericaPonta Porã Airport
Nova Alvorada do SulCampo Grande Airport
Nossa Senhora de FatimaPonta Porã Airport
Mundo NovoCascavel Airport
Morraria do SulCorumbá International Airport
MorangasAraçatuba Airport
Lagoa BonitaPonta Porã Airport
JuscelandiaCampo Grande Airport
JaporaCascavel Airport
IvinhemaPonta Porã Airport
ItaquiraiCascavel Airport
IpezalPonta Porã Airport
IndapolisPonta Porã Airport
Indaia do SulCampo Grande Airport
Ilha CompridaAraçatuba Airport
Guadalupe do Alto ParanaAraçatuba Airport
GuaculandiaPonta Porã Airport
Gloria de DouradosPonta Porã Airport
FigueiraoCampo Grande Airport
Fatima do SulPonta Porã Airport
DouradinaPonta Porã Airport
Dois Irmaos do BuritiCampo Grande Airport
DeodapolisPonta Porã Airport
DebrasaPresidente Prudente Airport
CulturamaPonta Porã Airport
CruzaltinaPonta Porã Airport
CristalinaPonta Porã Airport
Costa RicaCampo Grande Airport
Coronel SapucaiaPonta Porã Airport
CongonhaCampo Grande Airport
Chapadao do SulCampo Grande Airport
CachoeiraAraçatuba Airport
BrasilandiaPresidente Prudente Airport
BodoquenaCorumbá International Airport
BocajaPonta Porã Airport