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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Brazil for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Porto AlegreSalgado Filho Airport
Caxias do SulHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
CanoasCanoas Airport
PelotasPelotas Airport
ViamaoSalgado Filho Airport
Novo HamburgoCanoas Airport
Santa MariaSanta Maria Airport
GravataiCanoas Airport
Sao LeopoldoCanoas Airport
Rio GrandePelotas Airport
Passo FundoLauro Kurtz Airport
SapucaiaCanoas Airport
UruguaianaRubem Berta Airport
CachoeirinhaCanoas Airport
Santa Cruz do SulSanta Maria Airport
GuaibaSalgado Filho Airport
BageComandante Gustavo Kraemer Airport
ErechimChapecó Airport
Bento GoncalvesHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
Santana do LivramentoComandante Gustavo Kraemer Airport
AlegreteRubem Berta Airport
EsteioCanoas Airport
SapirangaCanoas Airport
Cachoeira do SulSanta Maria Airport
IjuiSanto Ângelo Airport
LajeadoHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
Cruz AltaSanto Ângelo Airport
Santo AngeloSanto Ângelo Airport
Sao BorjaRubem Berta Airport
CarazinhoLauro Kurtz Airport
Santa RosaSanto Ângelo Airport
FarroupilhaHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
VacariaHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
Sao GabrielSanta Maria Airport
MontenegroCanoas Airport
CamaquaPelotas Airport
ParobeCanoas Airport
TaquaraCanoas Airport
SantiagoSanto Ângelo Airport
Venancio AiresHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
Estancia VelhaCanoas Airport
Dom PedritoComandante Gustavo Kraemer Airport
Rosario do SulSanta Maria Airport
Capao da CanoaCanoas Airport
TramandaiCanoas Airport
ItaquiRubem Berta Airport
OsorioCanoas Airport
CanelaHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
TorresDiomício Freitas Airport
CharqueadasSalgado Filho Airport
CityNearest Airport
Sao Luiz GonzagaSanto Ângelo Airport
Palmeira das MissoesSanto Ângelo Airport
PanambiSanto Ângelo Airport
GaribaldiHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
JaguaraoPelotas Airport
IgrejinhaCanoas Airport
Santa Vitoria do PalmarPelotas Airport
TaquariSalgado Filho Airport
Rio PardoSalgado Filho Airport
MarauLauro Kurtz Airport
Sao Lourenco do SulPelotas Airport
SoledadeLauro Kurtz Airport
Lagoa VermelhaLauro Kurtz Airport
EstrelaLages Airport
QuaraiRubem Berta Airport
TeutoniaHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
PortaoCanoas Airport
Tres CoroasHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
Frederico WestphalenChapecó Airport
Flores da CunhaHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
Julio de CastilhosSanta Maria Airport
CangucuPelotas Airport
GuaporeHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
VeranopolisHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
ButiaSalgado Filho Airport
Sao SepeSanta Maria Airport
Carlos BarbosaHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
Sao Sebastiao do CaiCanoas Airport
Sao MarcosHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
TapesSalgado Filho Airport
Tres de MaioSanto Ângelo Airport
IvotiCanoas Airport
HervalComandante Gustavo Kraemer Airport
Nova PrataHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
Cacapava do SulSanta Maria Airport
TupanciretaSanta Maria Airport
Tres PassosSanto Ângelo Airport
Encruzilhada do SulPelotas Airport
Sao JeronimoSalgado Filho Airport
EncantadoHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
Arroio do MeioHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
Arroio GrandePelotas Airport
Nova PetropolisHugo Cantergiani Regional Airport
RolanteCanoas Airport
CandelariaSanta Maria Airport
SarandiLauro Kurtz Airport
TriunfoSalgado Filho Airport
HorizontinaSanto Ângelo Airport
Sao Francisco de AssisSanta Maria Airport
IbirubaLauro Kurtz Airport