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This is an online tool to search airports in Santa Catarina, Brazil nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
Both domestic/regional and international airports in Santa Catarina, Brazil with their IATA codes will be listed.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Santa Catarina, Brazil may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Brazil for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
JoinvilleLauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport
FlorianopolisHercílio Luz International Airport
BlumenauMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
LagesLages Airport
CriciumaDiomício Freitas Airport
ChapecoChapecó Airport
ItajaiMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
Jaragua do SulLauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport
PalhocaHercílio Luz International Airport
BrusqueMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
Sao Bento do SulLauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport
TubaraoDiomício Freitas Airport
CacadorLages Airport
ConcordiaChapecó Airport
BiguacuHercílio Luz International Airport
Rio do SulLages Airport
IcaraDiomício Freitas Airport
Balneario CamboriuMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
NavegantesMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
IndaialMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
ImbitubaHercílio Luz International Airport
AraranguaDiomício Freitas Airport
VideiraLages Airport
Rio NegrinhoLauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport
MafraAfonso Pena Airport
LagunaDiomício Freitas Airport
CanoinhasAfonso Pena Airport
ItapemaMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
Sao Francisco do SulLauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport
TimboMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
GasparMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
XanxereChapecó Airport
CuritibanosLages Airport
Porto UniaoChapecó Airport
CapinzalChapecó Airport
JoacabaChapecó Airport
ForquilhinhaDiomício Freitas Airport
Campos NovosLages Airport
TijucasMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
Braco do NorteDiomício Freitas Airport
PomerodeMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
GuaramirimLauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport
PenhaMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
Santo Amaro da ImperatrizHercílio Luz International Airport
IbiramaMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
Barra VelhaMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
OrleansDiomício Freitas Airport
Sao JoaquimLages Airport
SchroederLauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport
Celso RamosLages Airport
CityNearest Airport
Santa CeciliaLages Airport
Sao Lourenco dOesteChapecó Airport
SombrioDiomício Freitas Airport
Tres BarrasAfonso Pena Airport
Porto BeloMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
Otacilio CostaLages Airport
Sao Joao BatistaMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
Morro da FumacaDiomício Freitas Airport
Correia PintoLages Airport
CocalDiomício Freitas Airport
CorupaLauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport
JaguarunaDiomício Freitas Airport
UrussangaDiomício Freitas Airport
Lauro MullerDiomício Freitas Airport
SideropolisDiomício Freitas Airport
ZorteaChapecó Airport
Vitor MeirelesLages Airport
Vila NovaHercílio Luz International Airport
Vila MilaniChapecó Airport
Vila de Volta GrandeLauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport
Vila ConceicaoDiomício Freitas Airport
Vargem BonitaChapecó Airport
VargemLages Airport
VargeaoChapecó Airport
Uniao do OesteChapecó Airport
TunapolisChapecó Airport
Timbo GrandeLages Airport
Timbe do SulDiomício Freitas Airport
TigrinhosChapecó Airport
TaquarasHercílio Luz International Airport
Sul BrasilChapecó Airport
Sorocaba do SulHercílio Luz International Airport
Serra AltaChapecó Airport
SapirangaDiomício Freitas Airport
Sao Sebastiao do ArvoredoLages Airport
Sao RoqueChapecó Airport
Sao Pedro TobiasCataratas International Airport
Sao Miguel da SerraLages Airport
Sao Miguel da Boa VistaChapecó Airport
Sao LudgeroDiomício Freitas Airport
Sao LeonardoHercílio Luz International Airport
Sao Joao do OesteChapecó Airport
Sao Joao do ItaperiuMinistro Victor Konder International Airport
Sao GabrielDiomício Freitas Airport
Sao Cristovao do SulLages Airport
Sao CristovaoAfonso Pena Airport
Sao BernardinoChapecó Airport
Sao Bento BaixoDiomício Freitas Airport
Santiago do SulChapecó Airport
Santa Terezinha do ProgressoChapecó Airport