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This is an online tool to search airports in Amazonas, Brazil nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Brazil for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
ManausPonta Pelada Airport
ParintinsTrombetas Airport
ManacapuruEduardo Gomes International Airport
CoariTefé Airport
TefeTefé Airport
HumaitaGovernador Jorge Teixeira de Oliveira Airport
TabatingaTabatinga Airport
MauesItacoatiara Airport
CarauariTefé Airport
EirunepeTarauacá Airport
Fonte BoaTefé Airport
Sao Gabriel da CachoeiraSão Gabriel da Cachoeira Airport
Boca do AcrePlácido de Castro Airport
ManicoreManicoré Airport
Benjamin ConstantTabatinga Airport
Nova Olinda do NorteItacoatiara Airport
BorbaPonta Pelada Airport
Sao Paulo de OlivencaTabatinga Airport
BarreirinhaItacoatiara Airport
CodajasManicoré Airport
IrandubaPonta Pelada Airport
Novo AripuanaManicoré Airport
UrucuritubaItacoatiara Airport
ManaquiriPonta Pelada Airport
EnviraTarauacá Airport
GuajaraItacoatiara Airport
AutazesItacoatiara Airport
Santo Antonio do IcaTabatinga Airport
UrucaraItacoatiara Airport
AnoriEduardo Gomes International Airport
NhamundaTrombetas Airport
PauiniPlácido de Castro Airport
BarcelosTefé Airport
Careiro da VarzeaPonta Pelada Airport
CanutamaGovernador Jorge Teixeira de Oliveira Airport
JutaiTabatinga Airport
AlvaraesTefé Airport
TonantinsTabatinga Airport
MaraaTefé Airport
Santa Isabel do Rio NegroSão Gabriel da Cachoeira Airport
UariniTefé Airport
UrucuritubaItacoatiara Airport
Sao Sebastiao do UatumaItacoatiara Airport
Rio Preto da EvaEduardo Gomes International Airport
Osorio da FonsecaItacoatiara Airport
MocamboTrombetas Airport
MassauariItacoatiara Airport
MaraaTefé Airport
Lago PretoItacoatiara Airport
JutaiTefé Airport
CityNearest Airport
IcanaSão Gabriel da Cachoeira Airport
EnviraTarauacá Airport
CametaItacoatiara Airport
Boa Vista do RamosItacoatiara Airport
BalbinaEduardo Gomes International Airport
ApuiManicoré Airport
Praia do Vinte e OitoEduardo Gomes International Airport
Remate de MalesTabatinga Airport
GoiabalTabatinga Airport
Boa VistaTabatinga Airport
JarinaTabatinga Airport
Sao LuisTabatinga Airport
El MarcoTabatinga Airport
BelemTabatinga Airport
AljubarrotaTabatinga Airport
FeijoalTabatinga Airport
SururuaTabatinga Airport
RecreioTabatinga Airport
Cachoeira do RepousoTabatinga Airport
Campina do NorteTabatinga Airport
Bela VistaTabatinga Airport
PedroTabatinga Airport
TraruTabatinga Airport
ChapelaoPonta Pelada Airport
Vila da PrataPonta Pelada Airport
MandiocaPonta Pelada Airport
MandiocaPonta Pelada Airport
TupanaPonta Pelada Airport
CanaaPonta Pelada Airport
Boa VistaPonta Pelada Airport
Tres PoderesPonta Pelada Airport
SorvinhaPonta Pelada Airport
Ponta da AraraPonta Pelada Airport
Sao FranciscoPonta Pelada Airport
Sao JosePonta Pelada Airport
Macaco-PregoPonta Pelada Airport
Vista AlegrePonta Pelada Airport
Sao PedroPonta Pelada Airport
Sao FranciscoPonta Pelada Airport
Castanha-CupuPonta Pelada Airport
TupanaPonta Pelada Airport
ChavesPonta Pelada Airport
Santa IsabelPonta Pelada Airport
ParicaPonta Pelada Airport
CatingaPonta Pelada Airport
CuraruPonta Pelada Airport
ExtratoPonta Pelada Airport
TabocaPonta Pelada Airport
CacoalPonta Pelada Airport
BarreiraPonta Pelada Airport