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This is an online tool to search airports in County Roscommon, Ireland nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the County Roscommon, Ireland may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Ireland for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Ros ComainIreland West Knock Airport
Mainistir na BuilleIreland West Knock Airport
An Caislean RiabhachIreland West Knock Airport
Bealach an DoirinIreland West Knock Airport
RiversdaleSligo Airport
BallytrasnaIreland West Knock Airport
Grange BegIreland West Knock Airport
CornagliaIreland West Knock Airport
TinacarraIreland West Knock Airport
BreandrumIreland West Knock Airport
LarganIreland West Knock Airport
IslandmoreIreland West Knock Airport
CloonlumnyIreland West Knock Airport
ArignaSligo Airport
CorrigeenroeSligo Airport
SmutternaghSligo Airport
MountallenSligo Airport
GreaghSligo Airport
GreaghnafarnaSligo Airport
AltagowlanSligo Airport
MullaunSligo Airport
CarrickadraanSligo Airport
CorglassSligo Airport
TullytawenSligo Airport
AghooSligo Airport
ClerraghSligo Airport
AthleagueIreland West Knock Airport
BallinloughIreland West Knock Airport
BallydanganGalway Airport
CeideadhSligo Airport
KilleglanGalway Airport
Cnoc an ChrochaireIreland West Knock Airport
Knockvicar BridgeSligo Airport
Loch GlinneIreland West Knock Airport
MooreGalway Airport
New TownGalway Airport
RuscaighIreland West Knock Airport
Beal na mBuilliIreland West Knock Airport
FrenchparkIreland West Knock Airport
Ail FinnIreland West Knock Airport
DundonnellGalway Airport
BallyfarnanSligo Airport
BallynakillGalway Airport
Beal Atha na gCarrIreland West Knock Airport
CarrowreaghGalway Airport
CloonkeenGalway Airport
CootehallSligo Airport
CornafullaGalway Airport
CrannaghGalway Airport
CityNearest Airport
CurraghaleenGalway Airport
TulskIreland West Knock Airport
CregganGalway Airport
CuilleenGalway Airport
Rooty CrossGalway Airport
RathpeakGalway Airport
CloonownGalway Airport
Mount FlorenceGalway Airport
CarrickynaghtanGalway Airport
KilnamanaghGalway Airport
Doyles BridgeGalway Airport
MounthusseyGalway Airport
Old TownGalway Airport
KidlawnGalway Airport
CloonfadGalway Airport
CornaveaghGalway Airport
AmericaGalway Airport
InchinaleeGalway Airport
DrumloshGalway Airport
CallowbegGalway Airport
DerrmeelGalway Airport
CoolumberGalway Airport
CappavuseGalway Airport
DerrylahanGalway Airport
KeeltyGalway Airport
PikeGalway Airport
DuggarryGalway Airport
NewtonGalway Airport
FeevaghmoreGalway Airport
TumnaIreland West Knock Airport
CleaheenIreland West Knock Airport
DerreenannaghSligo Airport
ClooncooseSligo Airport
DrumboylanSligo Airport
DrumbrickSligo Airport
MoyoranSligo Airport
CulliagharnyGalway Airport
GlenmoreGalway Airport
BellimenyGalway Airport
BelreaGalway Airport
NewtownGalway Airport
Bernard's Cross RoadsGalway Airport
KilcashelGalway Airport
LowtownGalway Airport
CarrowduffGalway Airport
CorrareeGalway Airport
CastlesampsonGalway Airport
TarloughmoreGalway Airport
DerreenarganSligo Airport