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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Ireland for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
MuineachanDublin Airport
Carraig Mhachaire RoisDublin Airport
Baile na LorganDublin Airport
Cluain EoisSligo Airport
DerrygorrySligo Airport
AghamackalinnSligo Airport
CavanSligo Airport
DernagolaSligo Airport
MullanacrossSligo Airport
ShancoSligo Airport
Burns BridgeSligo Airport
MullanSligo Airport
DerryleaSligo Airport
Dundian Cross RoadsSligo Airport
CarrickroeSligo Airport
CorryarbegSligo Airport
DerrygolaSligo Airport
KnockcorSligo Airport
CaldavnetSligo Airport
LennaghtSligo Airport
CarrigansSligo Airport
Annaghroe BridgeDublin Airport
RossarrellDublin Airport
BellanamanDublin Airport
BillisDublin Airport
TallyvogySligo Airport
CorraghbrackSligo Airport
MullaloughanDublin Airport
Tirnaneill Cross RoadsSligo Airport
FaulklandDublin Airport
DrumgooleDublin Airport
LeitrimDublin Airport
Killyneill Cross RoadsDublin Airport
TamlatDublin Airport
KildoaghDublin Airport
DrumneillDublin Airport
AlkillDublin Airport
DrumgolatDublin Airport
AnnaseeraghDublin Airport
BryanhillerDublin Airport
CastleshaneDublin Airport
MoylesDublin Airport
AghlavertyDublin Airport
AghnagapDublin Airport
ArdaghyDublin Airport
DrumreaskSligo Airport
Cortolym BridgeDublin Airport
RossmoreDublin Airport
Carsons BridgeSligo Airport
DarraghlanDublin Airport
CityNearest Airport
Drumsmat BridgeSligo Airport
CoolcorraghSligo Airport
BlackrawDublin Airport
CalliaghDublin Airport
RaconnellSligo Airport
ClontoeSligo Airport
DrumcooSligo Airport
The RockSligo Airport
SheskinSligo Airport
DerryleaSligo Airport
AllageshSligo Airport
SellooSligo Airport
NartSligo Airport
BulloghbreanSligo Airport
Magherarny Cross RoadsSligo Airport
KillinaSligo Airport
CloghernaghSligo Airport
CorlatSligo Airport
Greenan's Cross RoadsSligo Airport
LatnamardDublin Airport
Garran Cross RoadsDublin Airport
GlenbrookSligo Airport
CavanSligo Airport
KilnamaddySligo Airport
BessbrookSligo Airport
CreeveleaSligo Airport
ClonkirkSligo Airport
CarraskeaSligo Airport
RadeerparkSligo Airport
Dorothys Cross RoadsSligo Airport
LisnaleeSligo Airport
LurganboySligo Airport
RockfieldSligo Airport
BallinageeraghSligo Airport
CorlougharoeWeston Airport
CrossbaneSligo Airport
KillylegSligo Airport
CreeranSligo Airport
DrumacreeveSligo Airport
KilmoreWeston Airport
DoohatWeston Airport
GlenWeston Airport
TonaghDublin Airport
SlieveroeDublin Airport
CremoyleDublin Airport
Dundrannan Cross RoadsDublin Airport
Swans Cross RoadsDublin Airport
DrumacreeveDublin Airport
EdergoleWeston Airport
GlencorickDublin Airport