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This is an online tool to search airports in County Cavan, Ireland nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the County Cavan, Ireland may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Ireland for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
An CabhanSligo Airport
MuinchilleWeston Airport
Coill an ChollaighWeston Airport
BelturbetSligo Airport
KillyranSligo Airport
SraloaghanSligo Airport
CornagunleogSligo Airport
CulliaghSligo Airport
ArdmoneenSligo Airport
TeeboySligo Airport
ErraranSligo Airport
CronerySligo Airport
CartronnagiltaSligo Airport
MoneynureSligo Airport
GowlanSligo Airport
AltateskinSligo Airport
DunglaveSligo Airport
DerrynacreveSligo Airport
UraghSligo Airport
Blackrocks CrossSligo Airport
GubrawnllySligo Airport
DrumcaskSligo Airport
BinkeeraghSligo Airport
CloghogeSligo Airport
DerrynanantaSligo Airport
MoneensauranSligo Airport
CorracleighSligo Airport
BursanSligo Airport
MullySligo Airport
LegnagrowSligo Airport
CoppanaghmoreSligo Airport
CorleckaghSligo Airport
SruhanaghSligo Airport
TullynamoyleSligo Airport
CorleaSligo Airport
GowlanSligo Airport
CornahawSligo Airport
OggalSligo Airport
CornageeSligo Airport
LeckSligo Airport
KilcrossduffDublin Airport
LisagoanDublin Airport
CrossmakeelanWeston Airport
NolaghWeston Airport
CorravillaWeston Airport
GlasleckWeston Airport
KilmacaranWeston Airport
CargaghogeDublin Airport
PottlereaghWeston Airport
BoaghWeston Airport
CityNearest Airport
Knappagh HouseWeston Airport
Madabawn BridgeWeston Airport
DrumcondraWeston Airport
Cullies Cross RoadsWeston Airport
KilnacrewWeston Airport
CorranearyWeston Airport
KnockbrideWeston Airport
BeglieveWeston Airport
DuneenaWeston Airport
LatseyWeston Airport
DerrydamphWeston Airport
TonyduffWeston Airport
LedoniganWeston Airport
GreaghagibneyWeston Airport
Tirlahode LowerWeston Airport
CliffernaWeston Airport
KilnacreevyWeston Airport
DrutamonWeston Airport
CarricknashokeWeston Airport
CarrickallenWeston Airport
DrumnatreadWeston Airport
BinbaneWeston Airport
DrumgoonWeston Airport
DernakeshWeston Airport
KillyvahanWeston Airport
RakaneWeston Airport
Scarvy BridgeWeston Airport
Corick BridgeWeston Airport
BallynahaiaWeston Airport
MagherintempleSligo Airport
Coppanagh MillsSligo Airport
KillycreenyWeston Airport
DrumbrolliskWeston Airport
CorgreaghWeston Airport
DrungWeston Airport
CordinginWeston Airport
TullycoeWeston Airport
McShane's BridgeWeston Airport
DrumlaneWeston Airport
DrumhillaghWeston Airport
Ballynallon BridgeWeston Airport
ClaraghSligo Airport
Treehog Cross RoadsSligo Airport
DrumliffSligo Airport
AghadreenaghSligo Airport
DrumcorSligo Airport
KillyvannySligo Airport
OuleySligo Airport
CullentraghSligo Airport
Cross FortsSligo Airport