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This is an online tool to search airports in Donegal, Ireland nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Donegal, Ireland may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Ireland for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
LetterkennyDonegal Airport
Bun CrannchaDonegal Airport
Bealach FeichDonegal Airport
Beal Atha SeanaidhSligo Airport
DonegalDonegal Airport
ArdaraDonegal Airport
Bun DobhrainSligo Airport
Na Cealla BeagaSligo Airport
LeifearDonegal Airport
Carn DomhnachDonegal Airport
Na GleanntaDonegal Airport
Bun an PhobailDonegal Airport
Loughfad HillDonegal Airport
ImlickDonegal Airport
KilleaDonegal Airport
DernacallyDonegal Airport
ToberDonegal Airport
CrossDonegal Airport
CloonDonegal Airport
ListicallDonegal Airport
MonglassDonegal Airport
PlasterDonegal Airport
GlensmillDonegal Airport
GortreeDonegal Airport
Mill TownDonegal Airport
DrumbarnetDonegal Airport
MoneyhaughlyDonegal Airport
MagherabegDonegal Airport
Drumbarnet UpperDonegal Airport
SallybrookDonegal Airport
RossbrackanDonegal Airport
IrineraghDonegal Airport
DromoreDonegal Airport
Blind TownDonegal Airport
Leslie HillDonegal Airport
RaymoghyDonegal Airport
TullybeglyDonegal Airport
DrumadowanDonegal Airport
LisclamerDonegal Airport
DrumoghillDonegal Airport
RocktownDonegal Airport
GaldonaghDonegal Airport
LismoghryDonegal Airport
ArdaghDonegal Airport
CastledoweyDonegal Airport
HeatheryhillDonegal Airport
TullyonvenDonegal Airport
WhitehillDonegal Airport
GlenmaquinDonegal Airport
SheskinapollDonegal Airport
CityNearest Airport
CornagillahDonegal Airport
Flemings TownDonegal Airport
LettergullDonegal Airport
DrumbegDonegal Airport
TullyrapDonegal Airport
BallylennanDonegal Airport
CreaghadoosDonegal Airport
BrownfieldDonegal Airport
GortinDonegal Airport
RossgeirDonegal Airport
FigartDonegal Airport
TopsDonegal Airport
CloghfinDonegal Airport
MilltownDonegal Airport
CarrickbrackDonegal Airport
Roosky UpperDonegal Airport
Holmes's TownDonegal Airport
KilmonasterDonegal Airport
ArdnaglassDonegal Airport
KillindarraghDonegal Airport
LeaghtDonegal Airport
MullingarDonegal Airport
High TownDonegal Airport
LiscoolyDonegal Airport
CarrickcolmanDonegal Airport
Harpers TownDonegal Airport
MagheraboyDonegal Airport
DrumfergusDonegal Airport
BallyarrellDonegal Airport
DrummurphyDonegal Airport
Liscooly BridgeDonegal Airport
TiriniskDonegal Airport
RingsendDonegal Airport
BallybunDonegal Airport
CloghfinDonegal Airport
DunnalooDonegal Airport
CormakillyDonegal Airport
GraffyDonegal Airport
DartanDonegal Airport
Raws LowerDonegal Airport
AphortDonegal Airport
BallintraDonegal Airport
MeenanalbanyDonegal Airport
MeenmoreDonegal Airport
ToberkeenDonegal Airport
CrohyDonegal Airport
MeenacrossDonegal Airport
ParknatomogardDonegal Airport
DrummeenDonegal Airport
MeenatotanDonegal Airport