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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Ireland for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
GalwayGalway Airport
Beal Atha na SluaigheGalway Airport
TuaimGalway Airport
Baile Locha RiachGalway Airport
Baile Atha an RiGalway Airport
An GortGalway Airport
OranmoreGalway Airport
DuniryGalway Airport
RahoonGalway Airport
ArdnagreevaghGalway Airport
Letter MoreGalway Airport
TullycrossGalway Airport
CurrywongaunGalway Airport
Tullywee BridgeGalway Airport
CrockaunroeGalway Airport
BundouglasGalway Airport
EmlaghGalway Airport
Aughrus MoreGalway Airport
EnlaghdauroeGalway Airport
LeagaunGalway Airport
KillGalway Airport
DerreenGalway Airport
BelleekGalway Airport
GortrummaghGalway Airport
ErrislannanGalway Airport
CurhownaghGalway Airport
DrinaghGalway Airport
Doon HillGalway Airport
CallowGalway Airport
MaliveyGalway Airport
ToombeolaGalway Airport
AillenacallyGalway Airport
DooveherGalway Airport
MoyrusGalway Airport
PeakGalway Airport
BallynamonaGalway Airport
CornamucklaghGalway Airport
Ervallagh OughterGalway Airport
Bellagill BridgeGalway Airport
DundooganGalway Airport
CarrowmanaghGalway Airport
KilconnellGalway Airport
PeakeGalway Airport
CaltraghleaGalway Airport
LisnascreenaGalway Airport
BallybaunGalway Airport
DoonGalway Airport
CloonatlevaGalway Airport
SlieveanultyGalway Airport
Alloon LowerGalway Airport
CityNearest Airport
GlentaneGalway Airport
KinreaskGalway Airport
CorskeaghGalway Airport
ShanballardGalway Airport
BallyvoneenGalway Airport
KillaunGalway Airport
CloongawnGalway Airport
LiscuneGalway Airport
TullanwickyGalway Airport
AttireganGalway Airport
LoughaclerybegGalway Airport
BallyglassGalway Airport
Kylemore BridgeGalway Airport
Sinclair's VillageGalway Airport
Lismanny BridgeGalway Airport
CloonascraghGalway Airport
GannaveenGalway Airport
OghilGalway Airport
AttcoffeyGalway Airport
CrossconnellGalway Airport
BallydonaghGalway Airport
KilnahownGalway Airport
CoxtownGalway Airport
DerreenboyGalway Airport
BallyluogeGalway Airport
KilloranGalway Airport
CloonkeenGalway Airport
BallyeighterGalway Airport
FahyGalway Airport
CloonymorrisGalway Airport
GortfaddaGalway Airport
SkehanaghGalway Airport
CloonsheecahillGalway Airport
GortnahoonGalway Airport
BallynoeGalway Airport
PollatluggaGalway Airport
Burke VilleGalway Airport
CorballymoreGalway Airport
CaraunGalway Airport
CloonmainGalway Airport
CarraGalway Airport
BenmoreGalway Airport
CahernagarryGalway Airport
CaherakilleenGalway Airport
BallymurryGalway Airport
HedgetownGalway Airport
BushfieldGalway Airport
KilmacshaneGalway Airport
Hemming's VilleGalway Airport
CankillyGalway Airport