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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Romania for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
VasluiIa?i Airport
HusiIa?i Airport
MurgeniBac?u Airport
ValeniIa?i Airport
FalciuBac?u Airport
StanilestiIa?i Airport
BerezeniBac?u Airport
DudaIa?i Airport
Baile DranceniIa?i Airport
Lunca BanuluiIa?i Airport
VetrisoaiaIa?i Airport
HoceniIa?i Airport
Dimitrie CantemirIa?i Airport
ArsuraIa?i Airport
BlagestiBac?u Airport
MusataIa?i Airport
NovaciIa?i Airport
Odaia BogdanaBac?u Airport
OtetoaiaIa?i Airport
PadureniIa?i Airport
PahnestiIa?i Airport
Mihail KogalniceanuIa?i Airport
Lunca VecheIa?i Airport
LeostiIa?i Airport
IvanestiIa?i Airport
HraniceniBac?u Airport
HorniceniBac?u Airport
HorgestiBac?u Airport
HartopIa?i Airport
HanaseniBac?u Airport
PlotonestiIa?i Airport
PoganestiIa?i Airport
Valea CanepeiIa?i Airport
VadeniBac?u Airport
UrlatiIa?i Airport
TodireniIa?i Airport
StuhuletBac?u Airport
ScheiaIa?i Airport
Satu NouBac?u Airport
SaratuIa?i Airport
CityNearest Airport
RuscaIa?i Airport
RasestiIa?i Airport
RanzestiBac?u Airport
RanceniBac?u Airport
RaducaniIa?i Airport
PojereniIa?i Airport
Valea GreculuiIa?i Airport
GusiteiBac?u Airport
ChirafteiIa?i Airport
ChersacosuIa?i Airport
CapotestiIa?i Airport
BumbataIa?i Airport
Budu-CantemirIa?i Airport
BroscosestiIa?i Airport
Bozia NouaBac?u Airport
BoziaBac?u Airport
BogdanestiBac?u Airport
Bogdana VoloseniIa?i Airport
BobestiIa?i Airport
BarsanaBac?u Airport
BalteanuIa?i Airport
AlbitaIa?i Airport
CarjaBac?u Airport
Carja de JosBac?u Airport
Gura VaiiIa?i Airport
GrumezoaiaIa?i Airport
GhermanestiIa?i Airport
FundaturaIa?i Airport
FocsaIa?i Airport
EpureniIa?i Airport
DranceniIa?i Airport
Douazeci si Trei AugustBac?u Airport
Delenii de JosIa?i Airport
DavidestiIa?i Airport
CorniIa?i Airport
CopaceanaBac?u Airport
CondreaIa?i Airport
Carligatii-VechiIa?i Airport
Duda EpureniIa?i Airport