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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Romania for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Drobeta-Turnu SeverinCaransebe? Airport
OrsovaCaransebe? Airport
SimianCaransebe? Airport
Vanju-MareCraiova Airport
GogosuCraiova Airport
Garla-MareCraiova Airport
Jiana VecheCraiova Airport
BalaCaransebe? Airport
VanatoriCraiova Airport
PatuleleCraiova Airport
Breznita OcolCaransebe? Airport
CujmirCraiova Airport
DeveselCraiova Airport
SalciaCraiova Airport
PunghinaCraiova Airport
GruiaCraiova Airport
Izvoru BarziiCaransebe? Airport
BrosteniCraiova Airport
IeselnitaCaransebe? Airport
MalovatCaransebe? Airport
PonoareleCaransebe? Airport
FlorestiCraiova Airport
HinovaCraiova Airport
CazanestiCraiova Airport
Burila MareCraiova Airport
PrunisorCraiova Airport
IsvernaCaransebe? Airport
Obarsia-CampCraiova Airport
LivezileCraiova Airport
Padina MicaCraiova Airport
VanjuletCraiova Airport
PristolCraiova Airport
HusnicioaraCraiova Airport
CorlatelCraiova Airport
RogovaCraiova Airport
SovarnaCaransebe? Airport
IlovitaCaransebe? Airport
BaltaCaransebe? Airport
Poroina MareCraiova Airport
PodeniCaransebe? Airport
BalvanestiCaransebe? Airport
SvinitaCaransebe? Airport
CiresuCaransebe? Airport
GodeanuCaransebe? Airport
BranisteaCraiova Airport
OlteancaCraiova Airport
DalmaCaransebe? Airport
CalniceniCaransebe? Airport
BorsestiCaransebe? Airport
GhigulaniCaransebe? Airport
CityNearest Airport
Linia de SusCaransebe? Airport
SamarinestiCaransebe? Airport
CamenaCaransebe? Airport
AlbinaCraiova Airport
AuroraCraiova Airport
BahnaCaransebe? Airport
Baia de AramaCaransebe? Airport
Baia NouaCaransebe? Airport
Bala de SusCaransebe? Airport
BalotestiCaransebe? Airport
Balta VerdeCraiova Airport
BatotiCraiova Airport
BaltaneleCraiova Airport
Balvanestii de JosCaransebe? Airport
BardaCaransebe? Airport
BistretuCraiova Airport
BistritaCraiova Airport
BobaitaCaransebe? Airport
BorcanestiCaransebe? Airport
BranisteaCraiova Airport
BrativoestiCaransebe? Airport
BranzeniCaransebe? Airport
BucuraCraiova Airport
BudanestiCaransebe? Airport
BunoaicaCaransebe? Airport
Burila MicaCraiova Airport
BusestiCaransebe? Airport
Calinestii de JosCaransebe? Airport
Calinestii de SusCaransebe? Airport
CaniceaCaransebe? Airport
CaramidaruCaransebe? Airport
CearanguCraiova Airport
CelnataCaransebe? Airport
Cerna-VarfCaransebe? Airport
CernetiCaransebe? Airport
CervenitaCraiova Airport
ChiliaCraiova Airport
Campu MareCaransebe? Airport
CioroboreniCraiova Airport
CiovarnasaniCaransebe? Airport
CarjeiCraiova Airport
CocorovaCaransebe? Airport
ColibasiCaransebe? Airport
ComanestiCaransebe? Airport
CopacioasaCaransebe? Airport
CoramnicCaransebe? Airport
CostestiCaransebe? Airport
CoziaCraiova Airport
Cracu MunteluiCaransebe? Airport
CraguestiCaransebe? Airport