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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Romania for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
ResitaCaransebe? Airport
Moldova NouaCaransebe? Airport
OravitaCaransebe? Airport
Baile HerculaneCaransebe? Airport
MehadiaCaransebe? Airport
BozoviciCaransebe? Airport
PojejenaCaransebe? Airport
CarasovaCaransebe? Airport
PrigorCaransebe? Airport
TopletCaransebe? Airport
SichevitaCaransebe? Airport
IablanitaCaransebe? Airport
SocolCaransebe? Airport
FarliugCaransebe? Airport
RacasdiaCaransebe? Airport
DogneceaCaransebe? Airport
BaniaCaransebe? Airport
Lapusnicu MareCaransebe? Airport
TarnovaCaransebe? Airport
Eftimie MurguCaransebe? Airport
Ciclova-RomanaCaransebe? Airport
RamnaCaransebe? Airport
VermesTimi?oara Traian Vuia Airport
GarnicCaransebe? Airport
Sopotu NouCaransebe? Airport
BerlisteCaransebe? Airport
LapusnicelCaransebe? Airport
CarbunariCaransebe? Airport
CiuchiciCaransebe? Airport
Zorlentu MareCaransebe? Airport
JardasitaCaransebe? Airport
Debeli LugCaransebe? Airport
UglenaCaransebe? Airport
VartopuCaransebe? Airport
FrunteaCaransebe? Airport
Vartopul MareCaransebe? Airport
DumbravaCaransebe? Airport
Fata SeoculuiCaransebe? Airport
Dalmele PrigoruluiCaransebe? Airport
TerovaCaransebe? Airport
LudovitaCaransebe? Airport
Cracu AlmaiCaransebe? Airport
CirsieCaransebe? Airport
CurmaturaCaransebe? Airport
BaziasCaransebe? Airport
BelobrescaCaransebe? Airport
BerzascaCaransebe? Airport
BigarCaransebe? Airport
BarzCaransebe? Airport
BarzaCaransebe? Airport
CityNearest Airport
BogodintiCaransebe? Airport
BoianCaransebe? Airport
BoianitaCaransebe? Airport
Borlovenii NoiCaransebe? Airport
Borlovenii VechiCaransebe? Airport
BosneagCaransebe? Airport
BrestelnicCaransebe? Airport
CamenitaCaransebe? Airport
Cartieru ViilorCaransebe? Airport
CalnicCaransebe? Airport
CampiaCaransebe? Airport
Carsa RosieCaransebe? Airport
CrasieCaransebe? Airport
ComoristeCaransebe? Airport
CozlaCaransebe? Airport
Cracu AlmajCaransebe? Airport
CrusovitaCaransebe? Airport
CurmaturaCaransebe? Airport
DalbosetCaransebe? Airport
DiviciCaransebe? Airport
DrencovaCaransebe? Airport
DristieCaransebe? Airport
FrasinisCaransebe? Airport
GarbovatCaransebe? Airport
GorneaCaransebe? Airport
GramenscaCaransebe? Airport
GrusanatCaransebe? Airport
IlidiaCaransebe? Airport
LescovitaCaransebe? Airport
LiubcovaCaransebe? Airport
LiborajdeaCaransebe? Airport
LucacevatCaransebe? Airport
MacestiCaransebe? Airport
MacovisteCaransebe? Airport
MartinovatCaransebe? Airport
MocerisCaransebe? Airport
Moldova VecheCaransebe? Airport
MoldovitaCaransebe? Airport
NaidasCaransebe? Airport
NicolintCaransebe? Airport
OdaiCaransebe? Airport
Ogasu PoduluiCaransebe? Airport
Padina MateiCaransebe? Airport
PalevinCaransebe? Airport
PatasCaransebe? Airport
PeciniscaCaransebe? Airport
PescariCaransebe? Airport
PetnicCaransebe? Airport
PetrilovaCaransebe? Airport
ParneauraCaransebe? Airport