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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Romania for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Bucharest(Bucuresti)B?neasa International Airport
Iasi(Iasi)Ia?i Airport
Cluj-Napoca(Cluj)Cluj-Napoca International Airport
Timisoara(Timis)Timi?oara Traian Vuia Airport
Craiova(Dolj)Craiova Airport
Constanta(Constanta)Mihail Kog?lniceanu International Airport
Galati(Galati)Ianca Air Base
Brasov(Brasov)Sibiu International Airport
Ploiesti(Prahova)Henri Coand? International Airport
Braila(Braila)Ianca Air Base
nagyvarad(Bihor)Oradea International Airport
Bacau(Bacau)Bac?u Airport
Arad(Arad)Arad International Airport
Pitesti(Arges)Craiova Airport
Sibiu(Sibiu)Sibiu International Airport
Targu-Mures(Mures)Transilvania Târgu Mure? International Airport
Baia Mare(Maramures County)Tautii Magheraus Airport
Buzau(Buzau)Boboc Air Base
Botosani(Botosani)Suceava Stefan cel Mare Airport
Satu Mare(Satu Mare)Satu Mare Airport
Ramnicu Valcea(Valcea)Sibiu International Airport
Suceava(Suceava)Suceava Stefan cel Mare Airport
Focsani(Vrancea)Boboc Air Base
Piatra Neamt(Neamt)Bac?u Airport
Drobeta-Turnu Severin(Mehedinti)Caransebe? Airport
Targu Jiu(Gorj)Caransebe? Airport
Tulcea(Tulcea)Tulcea Airport
Targoviste(Dambovita)Henri Coand? International Airport
Bistrita(Bistrita-Nasaud)Cluj-Napoca International Airport
Resita(Caras-Severin)Caransebe? Airport
Slatina(Olt)Craiova Airport
Vaslui(Vaslui)Ia?i Airport
Calarasi(Calarasi)Fete?ti Air Base
Hunedoara(Hunedoara)Caransebe? Airport
Giurgiu(Giurgiu)B?neasa International Airport
Roman(Covurlui)Bac?u Airport
Birlad(Covurlui)Bac?u Airport
Deva(Covurlui)Caransebe? Airport
Alba Iulia(Alba)Sibiu International Airport
Zalau(Salaj)Satu Mare Airport
Sfantu-Gheorghe(Covasna)Bac?u Airport
Turda(Covurlui)Câmpia Turzii Air Base
Medias(Covurlui)Transilvania Târgu Mure? International Airport
Slobozia(Ialomita)Fete?ti Air Base
Alexandria(Teleorman)B?neasa International Airport
Petrosani(Covurlui)Sibiu International Airport
Medgidia(Covurlui)Mihail Kog?lniceanu International Airport
Lugoj(Timis)Caransebe? Airport
Pascani(Covurlui)Suceava Stefan cel Mare Airport
Miercurea-Ciuc(Covurlui)Bac?u Airport
CityNearest Airport
Tecuci(Covurlui)Ianca Air Base
Sighetu Marmatiei(Covurlui)Tautii Magheraus Airport
Mangalia(Covurlui)Mihail Kog?lniceanu International Airport
Rimnicu Sarat(Covurlui)Boboc Air Base
Dej(Covurlui)Cluj-Napoca International Airport
Odorheiu Secuiesc(Harghita)Transilvania Târgu Mure? International Airport
Mioveni(Covurlui)Henri Coand? International Airport
Reghin-Sat(Covurlui)Transilvania Târgu Mure? International Airport
Fagaras(Covurlui)Sibiu International Airport
Caracal(Covurlui)Craiova Airport
Navodari(Covurlui)Mihail Kog?lniceanu International Airport
Fetesti(Covurlui)Fete?ti Air Base
Curtea de Arges(Covurlui)Sibiu International Airport
Sighisoara(Covurlui)Transilvania Târgu Mure? International Airport
Dorohoi(Covurlui)Suceava Stefan cel Mare Airport
Rosiori de Vede(Covurlui)Craiova Airport
Lupeni(Covurlui)Caransebe? Airport
Voluntari(Covurlui)B?neasa International Airport
Sacele(Covurlui)Boboc Air Base
Falticeni(Covurlui)Suceava Stefan cel Mare Airport
Husi(Vaslui)Ia?i Airport
Vulcan(Covurlui)Sibiu International Airport
Turnu Magurele(Covurlui)Craiova Airport
Aiud(Covurlui)Câmpia Turzii Air Base
Caransebes(Covurlui)Caransebe? Airport
Sebes(Covurlui)Sibiu International Airport
Radauti(Covurlui)Suceava Stefan cel Mare Airport
Borsa(Covurlui)Tautii Magheraus Airport
Cimpia Turzii(Covurlui)Câmpia Turzii Air Base
Oltenita(Covurlui)B?neasa International Airport
Petrila(Covurlui)Sibiu International Airport
Cugir(Covurlui)Sibiu International Airport
Codlea(Covurlui)Sibiu International Airport
Moinesti(Covurlui)Bac?u Airport
Gherla(Covurlui)Cluj-Napoca International Airport
Comanesti(Covurlui)Bac?u Airport
Carei(Covurlui)Satu Mare Airport
Motru(Gorj)Caransebe? Airport
Orastie(Covurlui)Sibiu International Airport
Buftea(Ilfov)Henri Coand? International Airport
Dragasani(Covurlui)Craiova Airport
Bals(Covurlui)Craiova Airport
Moreni(Covurlui)Henri Coand? International Airport
Tirgu Neamt(Covurlui)Suceava Stefan cel Mare Airport
Blaj(Covurlui)Câmpia Turzii Air Base
Tirgu Secuiesc(Covurlui)Bac?u Airport
Corabia(Covurlui)Craiova Airport
Baicoi(Covurlui)Henri Coand? International Airport
Gheorgheni(Covurlui)Transilvania Târgu Mure? International Airport
Campulung Moldovenesc(Covurlui)Suceava Stefan cel Mare Airport