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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in France for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
PoitiersPoitiers-Biard Airport
La RochelleLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
NiortNiort-Souché Airport
AngoulemeAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
ChatelleraultPoitiers-Biard Airport
SaintesCognac-Châteaubernard (BA 709) Air Base
RochefortRochefort-Saint-Agnant (BA 721) Airport
CognacCognac-Châteaubernard (BA 709) Air Base
BressuireCholet Le Pontreau Airport
RoyanRoyan-Médis Airport
ParthenayNiort-Souché Airport
ThouarsSaumur-Saint-Florent Airport
SoyauxAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
BuxerollesPoitiers-Biard Airport
LoudunSaumur-Saint-Florent Airport
AytreLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
MontmorillonPoitiers-Biard Airport
Saint-BenoitPoitiers-Biard Airport
Ruelle-sur-TouvreAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
La CouronneAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
ChauvignyPoitiers-Biard Airport
Tonnay-CharenteRochefort-Saint-Agnant (BA 721) Airport
LagordLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
Saint-Yrieix-sur-CharenteAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
PerignyLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
Gond-PontouvreAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
Migne-AuxancesPoitiers-Biard Airport
Jaunay-ClanPoitiers-Biard Airport
Chatelaillon-PlageLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
Nieul-sur-MerLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
SurgeresRochefort-Saint-Agnant (BA 721) Airport
SaujonRoyan-Médis Airport
NaintrePoitiers-Biard Airport
Saint-Georges-de-DidonneRoyan-Médis Airport
Dompierre-sur-MerLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
Nueil-les-AubiersCholet Le Pontreau Airport
Barbezieux-Saint-HilaireCognac-Châteaubernard (BA 709) Air Base
PonsCognac-Châteaubernard (BA 709) Air Base
MarennesRochefort-Saint-Agnant (BA 721) Airport
ChampniersAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
La TrembladeRochefort-Saint-Agnant (BA 721) Airport
PuilboreauLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
La CrecheNiort-Souché Airport
JarnacCognac-Châteaubernard (BA 709) Air Base
ChaurayNiort-Souché Airport
AiffresNiort-Souché Airport
CerizayCholet Le Pontreau Airport
MaransLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
JonzacCognac-Châteaubernard (BA 709) Air Base
Saint-XandreLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
CityNearest Airport
Vouneuil-sous-BiardPoitiers-Biard Airport
MelleNiort-Souché Airport
Neuville-de-PoitouPoitiers-Biard Airport
Chasseneuil-du-PoitouPoitiers-Biard Airport
FourasRochefort-Saint-Agnant (BA 721) Airport
RuffecAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
ChateaubernardCognac-Châteaubernard (BA 709) Air Base
Mignaloux-BeauvoirPoitiers-Biard Airport
Vaux-sur-MerRoyan-Médis Airport
Angoulins-sur-MerLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
Saint-Palais-sur-MerRoyan-Médis Airport
Roullet-Saint-EstepheAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
Celles-sur-BelleNiort-Souché Airport
Chateauneuf-sur-CharenteCognac-Châteaubernard (BA 709) Air Base
BrieAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
ChaniersCognac-Châteaubernard (BA 709) Air Base
La RochefoucauldAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
MontendreLibourne-Artigues-de-Lussac Airport
Dange-Saint-RomainPoitiers-Biard Airport
Saint-Georges-les-BaillargeauxPoitiers-Biard Airport
Fontaine-le-ComtePoitiers-Biard Airport
Bourcefranc-le-ChapusRochefort-Saint-Agnant (BA 721) Airport
AirvaultPoitiers-Biard Airport
Chasseneuil-sur-BonnieureAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
Saint-MichelAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
Dolus-d'OleronRochefort-Saint-Agnant (BA 721) Airport
ArvertRoyan-Médis Airport
ConfolensLimoges Airport
FleacAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
SoubiseRochefort-Saint-Agnant (BA 721) Airport
CivrayAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
VivonnePoitiers-Biard Airport
EchillaisRochefort-Saint-Agnant (BA 721) Airport
EchireNiort-Souché Airport
MoncoutantCholet Le Pontreau Airport
IteuilPoitiers-Biard Airport
VouillePoitiers-Biard Airport
MagneNiort-Souché Airport
Magnac-sur-TouvreAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
La FlotteLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
VouilleNiort-Souché Airport
Chatillon-sur-ThouetNiort-Souché Airport
LusignanPoitiers-Biard Airport
LoubertAngoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
La JarrieLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
Sainte-SoulleLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
ThurePoitiers-Biard Airport
Sainte-Marie-de-ReLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
Saint-Martin-de-ReLa Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
DissayPoitiers-Biard Airport