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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in France for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
LimogesLimoges Airport
Brive-la-GaillardeBrive-La Roche Airport
TulleBrive-La Roche Airport
GueretMontluçon-Guéret Airport
Saint-JunienLimoges Airport
UsselClermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport
PanazolLimoges Airport
IsleLimoges Airport
Saint-Yrieix-la-PercheLimoges Airport
Malemort-sur-CorrezeBrive-La Roche Airport
CouzeixLimoges Airport
Le Palais-sur-VienneLimoges Airport
Aixe-sur-VienneLimoges Airport
FeytiatLimoges Airport
EgletonsBrive-La Roche Airport
La SouterraineLimoges Airport
AmbazacLimoges Airport
BellacLimoges Airport
AubussonMontluçon-Guéret Airport
Saint-Leonard-de-NoblatLimoges Airport
Condat-sur-VienneLimoges Airport
RochechouartLimoges Airport
Saint-Pantaleon-de-LarcheBrive-La Roche Airport
Rilhac-RanconLimoges Airport
Bort-les-OrguesAurillac Airport
Verneuil-sur-VienneLimoges Airport
AllassacBrive-La Roche Airport
ObjatBrive-La Roche Airport
BourganeufLimoges Airport
UssacBrive-La Roche Airport
UzercheBrive-La Roche Airport
ArgentatBrive-La Roche Airport
MeymacBrive-La Roche Airport
Bessines-sur-GartempeLimoges Airport
Saint-Priest-TaurionLimoges Airport
NavesBrive-La Roche Airport
CosnacBrive-La Roche Airport
NexonLimoges Airport
ChateauponsacLimoges Airport
FelletinMontluçon-Guéret Airport
Sainte-FeyreMontluçon-Guéret Airport
NeuvicAurillac Airport
Bosmie-l'AiguilleLimoges Airport
DonzenacBrive-La Roche Airport
LubersacBrive-La Roche Airport
Magnac-LavalLimoges Airport
EymoutiersLimoges Airport
Le DoratLimoges Airport
Oradour-sur-GlaneLimoges Airport
BoisseuilLimoges Airport
CityNearest Airport
Saint-VauryMontluçon-Guéret Airport
Saint-Just-le-MartelLimoges Airport
VaretzBrive-La Roche Airport
Saint-Sulpice-le-GueretoisMontluçon-Guéret Airport
VeyracLimoges Airport
ChalusLimoges Airport
Sainte-FortunadeBrive-La Roche Airport
Le VigenLimoges Airport
SeilhacBrive-La Roche Airport
Oradour-sur-VayresLimoges Airport
NantiatLimoges Airport
Chateauneuf-la-ForetLimoges Airport
Sainte-FereoleBrive-La Roche Airport
SereilhacLimoges Airport
ChameyratBrive-La Roche Airport
Evaux-les-BainsMontluçon-Guéret Airport
AhunMontluçon-Guéret Airport
LaguenneBrive-La Roche Airport
Saint-VicturnienLimoges Airport
CublacBrive-La Roche Airport
Saint-GenceLimoges Airport
Saint-Priest-sous-AixeLimoges Airport
Saint-Laurent-sur-GorreLimoges Airport
ChaptelatLimoges Airport
TreignacBrive-La Roche Airport
CompreignacLimoges Airport
LarcheBrive-La Roche Airport
Saint-VianceBrive-La Roche Airport
Saint-Brice-sur-VienneLimoges Airport
AuzancesMontluçon-Guéret Airport
Saint-JouventLimoges Airport
Bussiere-GalantLimoges Airport
Coussac-BonnevalBrive-La Roche Airport
SolignacLimoges Airport
GouzonMontluçon-Guéret Airport
CornilBrive-La Roche Airport
NieulLimoges Airport
VoutezacBrive-La Roche Airport
Bonnac-la-CoteLimoges Airport
MansacBrive-La Roche Airport
ChamberetBrive-La Roche Airport
Beaulieu-sur-DordogneBrive-La Roche Airport
Le Grand-BourgLimoges Airport
BonnatMontluçon-Guéret Airport
Arnac-PompadourBrive-La Roche Airport
Saint-Sulpice-les-FeuillesLimoges Airport
CussacLimoges Airport
VigeoisBrive-La Roche Airport
MeyssacBrive-La Roche Airport
Saint-MathieuLimoges Airport