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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in France for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
RennesRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
BrestBrest Bretagne Airport
QuimperQuimper-Cornouaille Airport
LorientLorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
VannesVannes-Meucon Airport
Saint-BrieucSaint-Brieuc-Armor Airport
Saint-MaloDinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport
LanesterLorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
FougeresLaval-Entrammes Airport
LannionLannion-Côte de Granit Airport
ConcarneauQuimper-Cornouaille Airport
PloemeurLorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
MorlaixMorlaix-Ploujean Airport
VitreLaval-Entrammes Airport
PontivyVannes-Meucon Airport
DouarnenezQuimper-Cornouaille Airport
LanderneauLandivisiau Air Base
BruzRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
HennebontLorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
PlerinSaint-Brieuc-Armor Airport
GuipavasBrest Bretagne Airport
Plougastel-DaoulasBrest Bretagne Airport
PlouzaneBrest Bretagne Airport
LamballeSaint-Brieuc-Armor Airport
QuimperleLorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
AurayVannes-Meucon Airport
DinanDinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport
DinardDinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport
Le Relecq-KerhuonBrest Bretagne Airport
PloufraganSaint-Brieuc-Armor Airport
LoudeacSaint-Brieuc-Armor Airport
Guidel-PlageLorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
RedonSaint-Nazaire-Montoir Airport
BettonRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
QuevenLorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
Larmor-PlageLorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
GuingampSaint-Brieuc-Armor Airport
Saint-AveVannes-Meucon Airport
LandivisiauLandivisiau Air Base
FouesnantQuimper-Cornouaille Airport
PaceRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
PaimpolSaint-Brieuc-Armor Airport
Saint-Jacques-de-la-LandeRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
SeneVannes-Meucon Airport
PloermelVannes-Meucon Airport
Carhaix-PlouguerMorlaix-Ploujean Airport
CrozonLanvéoc-Poulmic Air Base
Vern-sur-SeicheRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
Perros-GuirecLannion-Côte de Granit Airport
Saint-GregoireRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
CityNearest Airport
Saint-Pol-de-LeonMorlaix-Ploujean Airport
PlabennecBrest Bretagne Airport
ChantepieRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
GuilersBrest Bretagne Airport
Ergue-GabericQuimper-Cornouaille Airport
CaudanLorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
Saint-RenanBrest Bretagne Airport
LesnevenLandivisiau Air Base
GuichenRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
SarzeauVannes-Meucon Airport
Chartres-de-BretagneRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
LiffreRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
LanguidicLorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
Moelan-sur-MerLorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
LangueuxSaint-Brieuc-Armor Airport
RospordenQuimper-Cornouaille Airport
TreguncQuimper-Cornouaille Airport
FouillardRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
Le RheuRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
MordellesRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
QuestembertVannes-Meucon Airport
GouesnouBrest Bretagne Airport
GuerRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
ChateaugironRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
Chatillon-sur-SeicheRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
Bain-de-BretagneRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
Montfort-sur-MeuRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
JanzeRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
PlouguerneauBrest Bretagne Airport
PluvignerVannes-Meucon Airport
CancaleDinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport
AcigneRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
MelesseRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
PledranSaint-Brieuc-Armor Airport
ScaerQuimper-Cornouaille Airport
PordicSaint-Brieuc-Armor Airport
QuiberonLorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
TheixVannes-Meucon Airport
Dol-de-BretagneDinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport
ChateaulinQuimper-Cornouaille Airport
ChateaubourgRennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
CombourgDinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport
PloudalmezeauBrest Bretagne Airport
ArradonVannes-Meucon Airport
BaudVannes-Meucon Airport
PlouayLorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
BrechVannes-Meucon Airport
BannalecLorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
Ploneour-LanvernQuimper-Cornouaille Airport
Saint-Martin-des-ChampsMorlaix-Ploujean Airport