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This is an online tool to search airports in Lorraine, France nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Lorraine, France may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in France for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
MetzMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
NancyNancy-Essey Airport
ThionvilleMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
EpinalÉpinal-Mirecourt Airport
Vandoeuvre-les-NancyNancy-Essey Airport
Montigny-les-MetzMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
Saint-Die-des-VosgesColmar-Houssen Airport
SarregueminesPhalsbourg-Bourscheid Air Base
VerdunVerdun-Le Rozelier Airport
LunevilleNancy-Essey Airport
ForbachPhalsbourg-Bourscheid Air Base
Bar-le-DucSaint-Dizier-Robinson (BA 113) Air Base
Saint-AvoldMetz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport
ToulNancy-Ochey (BA 133) Air Base
LaxouNancy-Essey Airport
Villers-les-NancyNancy-Essey Airport
YutzMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
HayangeMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
Pont-a-MoussonMetz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport
LongwyÉtain-Rouvres Air Base
SarrebourgPhalsbourg-Bourscheid Air Base
Freyming-MerlebachMetz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport
CreutzwaldMetz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport
WoippyMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
Stiring-WendelPhalsbourg-Bourscheid Air Base
FameckMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
Saint-MaxNancy-Essey Airport
MarlyMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
RombasMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
FlorangeMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
Jarville-la-MalgrangeNancy-Essey Airport
Behren-les-ForbachPhalsbourg-Bourscheid Air Base
AmnevilleMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
GerardmerColmar-Houssen Airport
Maizieres-les-MetzMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
VilleruptÉtain-Rouvres Air Base
Hombourg-HautMetz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport
RemiremontLuxeuil-Saint-Sauveur (BA 116) Air Base
Dombasle-sur-MeurtheNancy-Essey Airport
MaxevilleNancy-Essey Airport
Moyeuvre-GrandeMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
HagondangeMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
JarnyÉtain-Rouvres Air Base
GolbeyÉpinal-Mirecourt Airport
Mont-Saint-MartinÉtain-Rouvres Air Base
TalangeMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
MalzevilleNancy-Essey Airport
Essey-les-NancyNancy-Essey Airport
NeufchateauÉpinal-Mirecourt Airport
Thaon-les-VosgesÉpinal-Mirecourt Airport
CityNearest Airport
TomblaineNancy-Essey Airport
Saint-Nicolas-de-PortNancy-Essey Airport
GuenangeMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
UckangeMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
CommercyNancy-Ochey (BA 133) Air Base
FrouardNancy-Essey Airport
FarebersvillerMetz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport
JoeufMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
MirecourtÉpinal-Mirecourt Airport
LudresNancy-Essey Airport
Petite-RosselleMetz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport
HomecourtMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
Neuves-MaisonsNancy-Ochey (BA 133) Air Base
ChampigneullesNancy-Essey Airport
Hettange-GrandeMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
TervilleMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
LiverdunNancy-Essey Airport
AlgrangeÉtain-Rouvres Air Base
HeillecourtNancy-Essey Airport
RambervillersÉpinal-Mirecourt Airport
Audun-le-TicheÉtain-Rouvres Air Base
LonguyonÉtain-Rouvres Air Base
MondelangeMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
VittelÉpinal-Mirecourt Airport
Marange-SilvangeMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
BitchePhalsbourg-Bourscheid Air Base
SeichampsNancy-Essey Airport
FaulquemontMetz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport
NilvangeÉtain-Rouvres Air Base
PompeyNancy-Essey Airport
Saint-MihielVerdun-Le Rozelier Airport
Ligny-en-BarroisSaint-Dizier-Robinson (BA 113) Air Base
BrieyÉtain-Rouvres Air Base
Laneuveville-devant-NancyNancy-Essey Airport
Ars-sur-MoselleMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
La BresseColmar-Houssen Airport
Blenod-les-Pont-a-MoussonMetz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport
BaccaratNancy-Essey Airport
DieulouardMetz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport
PulnoyNancy-Essey Airport
CharmesÉpinal-Mirecourt Airport
Moulins-les-MetzMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
FolschvillerMetz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport
SarralbePhalsbourg-Bourscheid Air Base
PhalsbourgPhalsbourg-Bourscheid Air Base
Boulay-MoselleMetz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport
HerserangeÉtain-Rouvres Air Base
EcrouvesNancy-Ochey (BA 133) Air Base
Ban-Saint-MartinMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base
Le Ban Saint-MartinMetz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base