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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Finland for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
TampereTampere-Pirkkala Airport
TurkuTurku Airport
JyvaskylaJyvaskyla Airport
PoriPori Airport
VasaVaasa Airport
RaumaPori Airport
KarlebyKruunupyy Airport
Jyvaskylan MaalaiskuntaJyvaskyla Airport
SeinajokiSeinäjoki Airport
NokiaTampere-Pirkkala Airport
SaloTurku Airport
KangasalaTampere-Pirkkala Airport
RaisioTurku Airport
YlojarviTampere-Pirkkala Airport
KaarinaTurku Airport
ValkeakoskiTampere-Pirkkala Airport
PietarsaariKruunupyy Airport
LempaalaTampere-Pirkkala Airport
MustasaariVaasa Airport
LaukaaJyvaskyla Airport
UusikaupunkiTurku Airport
PirkkalaTampere-Pirkkala Airport
JamsaHalli Airport
LietoTurku Airport
VammalaTampere-Pirkkala Airport
KauhajokiKauhajoki Airport
LapuaKauhava Airport
NaantaliTurku Airport
AanekoskiJyvaskyla Airport
KankaanpaaPori Airport
UlvilaPori Airport
PargasTurku Airport
NurmoSeinäjoki Airport
IlmajokiSeinäjoki Airport
KeuruuHalli Airport
KurikkaKauhajoki Airport
Pedersoren KuntaKruunupyy Airport
PaimioTurku Airport
SaarijarviJyvaskyla Airport
HameenkyroTampere-Pirkkala Airport
SomeroTurku Airport
NarpioKauhajoki Airport
AlavusSeinäjoki Airport
HalikkoTurku Airport
EuraPori Airport
HuittinenTampere-Pirkkala Airport
OrivesiHalli Airport
MuurameJyvaskyla Airport
AlajarviKauhava Airport
JalasjarviKauhajoki Airport
CityNearest Airport
LaitilaTurku Airport
KokemakiPori Airport
ToijalaTampere-Pirkkala Airport
KauhavaKauhava Airport
LaihiaVaasa Airport
KristinestadKauhajoki Airport
VirratHalli Airport
HarjavaltaPori Airport
ViitasaariJyvaskyla Airport
JamsankoskiHalli Airport
NykarlebyKruunupyy Airport
IkaalinenTampere-Pirkkala Airport
ParkanoKauhajoki Airport
AhtariSeinäjoki Airport
KruunupyyKruunupyy Airport
PiikkioTurku Airport
MaenttaeHalli Airport
MynamakiTurku Airport
TeuvaKauhajoki Airport
NoormarkkuPori Airport
MaskuTurku Airport
KannusKruunupyy Airport
Loimaan KuntaTurku Airport
PernioTurku Airport
NakkilaPori Airport
EurajokiPori Airport
YlistaroSeinäjoki Airport
UrjalaTampere-Pirkkala Airport
MalaxVaasa Airport
ViialaTampere-Pirkkala Airport
VilppulaHalli Airport
SuolahtiJyvaskyla Airport
HankasalmiJyvaskyla Airport
RuovesiHalli Airport
KorpilahtiJyvaskyla Airport
IsokyroVaasa Airport
AetsaPori Airport
AlaharmaKauhava Airport
SakylaPori Airport
PihtipudasYlivieska Airport
KarstulaJyvaskyla Airport
VahakyroVaasa Airport
NousiainenTurku Airport
JurvaKauhajoki Airport
KalviaKruunupyy Airport
KaustinenKruunupyy Airport
LarsmoKruunupyy Airport
PalkaneTampere-Pirkkala Airport
KuortaneSeinäjoki Airport
JoutsaMikkeli Airport