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Note: Data of all the airports in the Province of Aland, Finland may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Finland for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
MariehamnMariehamn Airport
JomalaMariehamn Airport
FinstromMariehamn Airport
LemlandMariehamn Airport
SaltvikMariehamn Airport
HammarlandMariehamn Airport
SundMariehamn Airport
EckeroMariehamn Airport
FogloMariehamn Airport
BraendoeTurku Airport
GetaMariehamn Airport
VardoMariehamn Airport
KumlingeMariehamn Airport
KokarMariehamn Airport
LumparlandMariehamn Airport
SottungaMariehamn Airport
GraggnasMariehamn Airport
VastantraskMariehamn Airport
PettboleMariehamn Airport
OlofsnasMariehamn Airport
OraMariehamn Airport
SkagMariehamn Airport
SkarpnatoMariehamn Airport
PantsarnasMariehamn Airport
Norra VandoMariehamn Airport
BrantsboleMariehamn Airport
MarkusboleMariehamn Airport
HjortoMariehamn Airport
LabyMariehamn Airport
FurulundMariehamn Airport
BoleMariehamn Airport
HummelvikMariehamn Airport
BrannskarMariehamn Airport
KalsborgMariehamn Airport
KarlsdalMariehamn Airport
KyrkobyMariehamn Airport
OstergardMariehamn Airport
StorhagaMariehamn Airport
KlemesMariehamn Airport
KarlsMariehamn Airport
Ostra MangsjoMariehamn Airport
FurulundMariehamn Airport
BonasMariehamn Airport
GropsMariehamn Airport
HellesbyMariehamn Airport
BohemMariehamn Airport
NedergardMariehamn Airport
NordstromMariehamn Airport
KattnasMariehamn Airport
SmedsMariehamn Airport
CityNearest Airport
OrlidenMariehamn Airport
VasterboMariehamn Airport
ManangMariehamn Airport
LaineMariehamn Airport
BjorkboMariehamn Airport
SodergardMariehamn Airport
StrandangMariehamn Airport
BjorknasMariehamn Airport
KarlsoMariehamn Airport
NygardMariehamn Airport
BolstadMariehamn Airport
OvergardMariehamn Airport
Hallesby SandMariehamn Airport
SandhagenMariehamn Airport
NorrgardMariehamn Airport
SamuelstorpMariehamn Airport
MannesMariehamn Airport
OstergardMariehamn Airport
BodaMariehamn Airport
VastergardMariehamn Airport
MellangardMariehamn Airport
GrinsMariehamn Airport
JansMariehamn Airport
AndersboleMariehamn Airport
PellasMariehamn Airport
NorrgardMariehamn Airport
OstanakerMariehamn Airport
StornasMariehamn Airport
RonnhemMariehamn Airport
BjorkbackaMariehamn Airport
BjarstromMariehamn Airport
VikhemMariehamn Airport
KullaoMariehamn Airport
VargsundaMariehamn Airport
MarkusasMariehamn Airport
NorrangenMariehamn Airport
NorrbergMariehamn Airport
GibboleMariehamn Airport
NorrgardMariehamn Airport
BoskasMariehamn Airport
JulleMariehamn Airport
JansesMariehamn Airport
NorrgardMariehamn Airport
KalmstaMariehamn Airport
SodergardMariehamn Airport
KyrkobynMariehamn Airport
KihlaMariehamn Airport
UlvsbyMariehamn Airport
OsterkalmareMariehamn Airport
GronbackaMariehamn Airport