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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Finland for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
KuopioKuopio Airport
JoensuuJoensuu Airport
MikkeliMikkeli Airport
SavonlinnaSavonlinna Airport
IisalmiKuopio Airport
VarkausVarkaus Airport
SiilinjarviKuopio Airport
LieksaJoensuu Airport
KontiolahtiJoensuu Airport
PieksamakiVarkaus Airport
LiperiJoensuu Airport
LeppavirtaVarkaus Airport
KiteeKitee Airport
KiuruvesiKajaani Airport
NurmesKuopio Airport
OutokumpuJoensuu Airport
SuonenjokiKuopio Airport
LapinlahtiKuopio Airport
PyhaselkaKitee Airport
JuvaVarkaus Airport
EnoJoensuu Airport
MantyharjuMikkeli Airport
NilsiaKuopio Airport
IlomantsiJoensuu Airport
KangasniemiMikkeli Airport
JuukaJoensuu Airport
KerimakiSavonlinna Airport
Pieksamaen MaalaiskuntaVarkaus Airport
JoroinenVarkaus Airport
PielavesiKuopio Airport
JuankoskiKuopio Airport
RistiinaMikkeli Airport
PolvijaerviJoensuu Airport
TohmajarviKitee Airport
SonkajarviKajaani Airport
HeinavesiVarkaus Airport
RantasalmiVarkaus Airport
VieremaKajaani Airport
PunkaharjuSavonlinna Airport
RautalampiKuopio Airport
MaaninkaKuopio Airport
KaaviKuopio Airport
KarttulaKuopio Airport
SulkavaSavonlinna Airport
VarpaisjarviKuopio Airport
RaakkylaKitee Airport
TuusniemiKuopio Airport
KeiteleKuopio Airport
ValtimoKajaani Airport
KiihtelysvaaraKitee Airport
CityNearest Airport
PuumalaLappeenranta Airport
KesalahtiKitee Airport
VesantoKuopio Airport
HirvensalmiMikkeli Airport
HaukivuoriMikkeli Airport
PertunmaaMikkeli Airport
RautavaaraKuopio Airport
TuupovaaraKitee Airport
VehmersalmiKuopio Airport
TervoKuopio Airport
EnonkoskiSavonlinna Airport
KangaslampiVarkaus Airport
JappilaVarkaus Airport
SavonrantaSavonlinna Airport
VirtasalmiVarkaus Airport
KuikkolaUtti Air Base
Mikkelin MaalaiskuntaMikkeli Airport
AatolaMikkeli Airport
AhmovaaraJoensuu Airport
AholaMikkeli Airport
AholaKuopio Airport
AholaKuopio Airport
AholaKuopio Airport
AholaKajaani Airport
AholahtiSavonlinna Airport
AhonkylaJoensuu Airport
AhonpaaJoensuu Airport
AhveninenJyvaskyla Airport
AhveninenJoensuu Airport
AhvenistoUtti Air Base
AhvenlahtiJoensuu Airport
AhvenniemiMikkeli Airport
AhvensalmiVarkaus Airport
AhvensalmiKuopio Airport
AhvenvaaraKitee Airport
AhvionniemiSavonlinna Airport
AhvionsaariSavonlinna Airport
AirakselaKuopio Airport
AittojarviKajaani Airport
AittokoskiKajaani Airport
AittomakiKuopio Airport
AittomakiKajaani Airport
AittovaaraJoensuu Airport
AkkalaKitee Airport
AkonpohjaKuopio Airport
AkulaKuopio Airport
AlahurttanenKitee Airport
AlajoenmyllyMikkeli Airport
Ala-KelvaJoensuu Airport
AlakeyrittyKuopio Airport