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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Finland for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
RovaniemiRovaniemi Airport
TornioKemi-Tornio Airport
KeminmaaKemi-Tornio Airport
SodankylaSodankyla Airport
KemijaerviRovaniemi Airport
InariIvalo Airport
PyhajarviSodankyla Airport
KittilaKittila Airport
YlitornioKemi-Tornio Airport
RanuaRovaniemi Airport
PelloRovaniemi Airport
SallaKuusamo Airport
PosioKuusamo Airport
KolariKittila Airport
SimoKemi-Tornio Airport
SimoKemi-Tornio Airport
TervolaKemi-Tornio Airport
MuonioEnontekio Airport
EnontekioEnontekio Airport
UtsjokiIvalo Airport
SavukoskiSodankyla Airport
PelkosenniemiSodankyla Airport
AEkaeslompoloKittila Airport
HepolaKemi-Tornio Airport
KiemunkivaaraSodankyla Airport
RuuvaojaSodankyla Airport
VarrioSodankyla Airport
MukkavaaraSodankyla Airport
AapajokiKemi-Tornio Airport
AatsinkiKuusamo Airport
AavasaksaKemi-Tornio Airport
AholaKuusamo Airport
AholaRovaniemi Airport
AholaKuusamo Airport
AholaRovaniemi Airport
AhvenselkaSodankyla Airport
AitamannikkoKittila Airport
AittaniemiKuusamo Airport
AittoperaKuusamo Airport
AkanlahtiKuusamo Airport
AkasjoensuuKittila Airport
AkshujavriIvalo Airport
AkujarviIvalo Airport
AlajaaskoRovaniemi Airport
AlaniemiKemi-Tornio Airport
AlakylaRovaniemi Airport
AlakylaKittila Airport
AlamuonioEnontekio Airport
AlanampaRovaniemi Airport
AlapaakkolaKemi-Tornio Airport
CityNearest Airport
AlaperaSodankyla Airport
AlaperaSodankyla Airport
Ala-RaumoKemi-Tornio Airport
AlatornioKemi-Tornio Airport
AlaviinpolaKemi-Tornio Airport
AlavojakkalaKemi-Tornio Airport
AlkkulaKemi-Tornio Airport
AmmalaSeinäjoki Airport
AmmalaRovaniemi Airport
AngeliIvalo Airport
AnttilaRovaniemi Airport
ApukkaRovaniemi Airport
ArmassaariKemi-Tornio Airport
ArpelaKemi-Tornio Airport
ArvolaSodankyla Airport
AskaSodankyla Airport
AapajarviSodankyla Airport
AutioniemiSodankyla Airport
AuttiRovaniemi Airport
FilpusKemi-Tornio Airport
HaarahiltunenKemi-Tornio Airport
HalonenRovaniemi Airport
HalosenrantaRovaniemi Airport
HamariKemi-Tornio Airport
HameKuusamo Airport
HanhelaRovaniemi Airport
HanhimaaKittila Airport
HannulaKuusamo Airport
HarriRovaniemi Airport
HautajarviKuusamo Airport
HeikinpaloKuusamo Airport
HeimolaRovaniemi Airport
HelmelaRovaniemi Airport
HelppiKittila Airport
HervaRovaniemi Airport
HetemakiRovaniemi Airport
HettaEnontekio Airport
HietajoensuuIvalo Airport
HietalaKemi-Tornio Airport
HietalaSodankyla Airport
HietaniemiKuusamo Airport
HirmulaKemi-Tornio Airport
HirvasvaaraKuusamo Airport
HirvasvuopioEnontekio Airport
HoikkaniemiRovaniemi Airport
HoppulaRovaniemi Airport
HoppulaSodankyla Airport
HosioKemi-Tornio Airport
HuhtalaKemi-Tornio Airport
IlmolaKemi-Tornio Airport