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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Argentina for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Rio GallegosPiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
El ChaltenEl Calafate Airport
Aguada GrandePuerto Deseado Airport
Antonio de BiedmaPuerto Deseado Airport
Bahia LauraPuerto Deseado Airport
Bahia Oso MarinoPuerto Deseado Airport
Bajo CaracolesPerito Moreno Airport
Bajo PicasoCapitan D Daniel Vazquez Airport
Cabo BlancoPuerto Deseado Airport
Caleta OliviaGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Canadon de las VacasSanta Cruz Airport
Canadon Once de SeptiembreCapitan D Daniel Vazquez Airport
Canadon SecoGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Cancha CarreraEl Calafate Airport
Capitan EyroaPiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
Casa RieraPerito Moreno Airport
Cerro BlancoPuerto Deseado Airport
Charles FuhrEl Calafate Airport
Colonia Francisco Perito MorenoEl Calafate Airport
Comandante Luis Piedra BuenaSanta Cruz Airport
CorpenSanta Cruz Airport
Coy AikePiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
Diego RitchiePiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
El CalafateEl Calafate Airport
El CerritoEl Calafate Airport
El ChonqueSanta Cruz Airport
El CondorPiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
El GhioPerito Moreno Airport
El PlumaPerito Moreno Airport
El PortezueloPerito Moreno Airport
El SaladoCapitan D Daniel Vazquez Airport
El TurbioEl Calafate Airport
El VolcanPerito Moreno Airport
El ZurdoPiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
EsperanzaEl Calafate Airport
Estancia La EnsenadaPerito Moreno Airport
Estancia LlanezaEl Calafate Airport
Estancia L. LorenzoCapitan D Daniel Vazquez Airport
Estancia Maria ElenaEl Calafate Airport
Fitz RoyPuerto Deseado Airport
Flecha NegraLas Heras Airport
Florida NegraCapitan D Daniel Vazquez Airport
Fuentes del CoyleEl Calafate Airport
GayponPiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
Gendarme C. BarretoEl Calafate Airport
Gobernador GregoresSanta Cruz Airport
Gobernador MayerPiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
Gobernador MoyanoLas Heras Airport
Gobernador MoyanoLas Heras Airport
Gobernador MoyanoPuerto Deseado Airport
CityNearest Airport
Gobernador MoyanoPiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
Guankenken AikePiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
Guer AikePiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
Hill StationPiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
Ingeniero PallaviciniPerito Moreno Airport
JaramilloPuerto Deseado Airport
Juan Jose AlbornozCapitan D Daniel Vazquez Airport
Koluel KaykeLas Heras Airport
La AragonesaLas Heras Airport
La BajadaCapitan D Daniel Vazquez Airport
Lago CardielEl Calafate Airport
Lago PosadasPerito Moreno Airport
Lago San MartinEl Calafate Airport
Lago ViedmaEl Calafate Airport
Laguna GrandeSanta Cruz Airport
La HerreriaSanta Cruz Airport
Lai AikeCapitan D Daniel Vazquez Airport
La ManchuriaLas Heras Airport
La MariaLas Heras Airport
Las HerasLas Heras Airport
Las HorquetasPerito Moreno Airport
La SofiaPiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
Las Tres HermanasPuerto Deseado Airport
Le MarchandPiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
Los AntiguosPerito Moreno Airport
Los MonosLas Heras Airport
Mata AmarillaEl Calafate Airport
Mata GrandeCapitan D Daniel Vazquez Airport
MazarredoPuerto Deseado Airport
Monte AymondPiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
Monte DineroPiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
Monte LeonSanta Cruz Airport
Paso del AguilaPerito Moreno Airport
Paso Gobernador GregoresPuerto Deseado Airport
Paso GregoresPuerto Deseado Airport
Paso Rio BoteEl Calafate Airport
Paso Rodolfo RoballosPerito Moreno Airport
Perito MorenoPerito Moreno Airport
Pico TruncadoLas Heras Airport
Piedra ClavadaLas Heras Airport
Puerto BanderaEl Calafate Airport
Puerto CoigPiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
Puerto DeseadoPuerto Deseado Airport
San JulianCapitan D Daniel Vazquez Airport
Puerto Santa CruzSanta Cruz Airport
Punta del LagoEl Calafate Airport
Punta del MontePiloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
RinconSanta Cruz Airport
Rincon GrandeSanta Cruz Airport
Rio BoteEl Calafate Airport