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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Argentina for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
TrelewAlmirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
Puerto MadrynEl Tehuelche Airport
RawsonAlmirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
AldeaPerito Moreno Airport
Aldea ApelegBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Alto Rio MayoPerito Moreno Airport
Alto Rio SenguerPerito Moreno Airport
ApelegBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
AstraGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
BaggleBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Bahia BustamanteGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
BarrancaBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Barrio LapridaGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Barrio SaavedraGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Boca de la ZanjaAlmirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
Buenos Aires ChicoEl Bolson Airport
Buen PastoLas Heras Airport
Cabo RasoAlmirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
Caleta CordovaGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
CamaronesGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Campamento PrimeroGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Campamento VillegasAlmirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
Canadon LagartoGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Canadon PerdidoGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
CanquelGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
CarrenleufuBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Centro Rio MayoPerito Moreno Airport
Cerro DragonGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
ChasicoAlmirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
CholilaBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Colan ConhueBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Diadema ArgentinaGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Dique Florentino AmeghinoAlmirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
Doctor Ricardo RojasPerito Moreno Airport
El CorcovadoEl Tehuelche Airport
El CorcovadoBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
El CoytePerito Moreno Airport
ElenaBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
El JuncoEl Tehuelche Airport
El MayocoBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
El MirasolAlmirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
El MolleBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
El PajaritoBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
El RinconBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
El TordilloGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
El TrebolGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
EsperanzaBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Estancia Valle HuemulesPerito Moreno Airport
FacundoLas Heras Airport
FerrocarrileraGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
CityNearest Airport
FoyelBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
GaimanAlmirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
GarayaldeGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
GasoductoGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
GastreBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
General MosconiGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Gobernador CostaBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
GolondrinasEl Bolson Airport
GualjainaBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
HoldichGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Hoyo de EpuyenEl Bolson Airport
JaramilloBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Jose de San MartinBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Kilometro 162Las Heras Airport
La AldeaBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
La BolsaBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
La CarlotaBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Lago BlancoPerito Moreno Airport
Lago FutalaufquenBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Lago PueloEl Bolson Airport
Laguna GrandeAlmirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
La HerreriaBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
La MarthaBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
LanguineoBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Las ChapasAlmirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
Las PlumasAlmirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
Las PulgasLas Heras Airport
LelequeBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
LepaBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Los CipresesBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Los TamariscosPerito Moreno Airport
MalaspinaGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Manantiales BehrGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Manantial RosalesGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
NietoBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Nueva LubeckaBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Pampa de AgniaBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Pampa del CastilloGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Paso de IndiosBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport
Paso GuenguelPerito Moreno Airport
Pastos BlancosPerito Moreno Airport
PetroquimicaGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Pico de SalamancaGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Playa UnionAlmirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
Puerto LobosEl Tehuelche Airport
Puerto PiramidesEl Tehuelche Airport
Puerto RawsonAlmirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
Puerto VisserGeneral E. Mosconi Airport
Punta DelgadaEl Tehuelche Airport
PutrachoiqueBrigadier Antonio Parodi Airport