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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Argentina for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
CorrientesCorrientes Airport
GoyaGoya Airport
San LorenzoCorrientes Airport
MercedesCuruzu Cuatia Airport
AcunaCuruzu Cuatia Airport
AguapeyPaso De Los Libres Airport
AguayGoya Airport
Alem CuePaso De Los Libres Airport
Alfonso LomaCuruzu Cuatia Airport
AlvearPaso De Los Libres Airport
AnguaCorrientes Airport
ApipeLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
ArerunguaCorrientes Airport
ArroceraPaso De Los Libres Airport
Arrocera San LuisLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
Arroyo PontonCorrientes Airport
AvalosCuruzu Cuatia Airport
BaibieneCuruzu Cuatia Airport
Banado SurCorrientes Airport
Bella VistaGoya Airport
Beron de AstradaCorrientes Airport
BonplandPaso De Los Libres Airport
BoqueronCuruzu Cuatia Airport
Buena VistaGoya Airport
CabredMonte Caseros Airport
Campo GrandeCorrientes Airport
CanaditasCuruzu Cuatia Airport
CapillitasCorrientes Airport
Capita MiniGoya Airport
Capitania BalsaPaso De Los Libres Airport
Capitan Joaquin MadariagaCuruzu Cuatia Airport
Cazadores CorrentinosCuruzu Cuatia Airport
Caza PavaLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
CerritoCorrientes Airport
Cerrudo CueCorrientes Airport
ChavarriaGoya Airport
ChaviyuComodoro Pierrestegui Airport
Colonia Carlos PellegriniPaso De Los Libres Airport
Colonia Ensanche SauceComodoro Pierrestegui Airport
Colonia GarabiLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
Colonia Isabel VictoriaGoya Airport
Colonia MadariagaCorrientes Airport
Colonia PorvenirGoya Airport
Colonia ProgresoGoya Airport
Colonia ProgresoGoya Airport
Colonia PuchetaGoya Airport
Colonia RomeroCorrientes Airport
Colonia San MartinCorrientes Airport
Colonia Sargento Juan Bautista CabralCorrientes Airport
Colonia Tata CuaCorrientes Airport
CityNearest Airport
Colonia Tres de AbrilGoya Airport
ConcepcionCorrientes Airport
Coronel Abraham SchweizerReconquista Airport
Grande CostaCorrientes Airport
CrucecitaGoya Airport
Cruz de los MilagrosGoya Airport
Cuay ChicoPaso De Los Libres Airport
Cuay GrandePaso De Los Libres Airport
CuruzuLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
Curuzu CuatiaCuruzu Cuatia Airport
DesmochadoGoya Airport
El RubioGoya Airport
Emilio R. ConiCuruzu Cuatia Airport
EmpedradoCorrientes Airport
Empedrado LimpioCorrientes Airport
Ensenada GrandeCorrientes Airport
EsquinaReconquista Airport
FanegasReconquista Airport
Felipe YofreCuruzu Cuatia Airport
GalarzaLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
GarruchosLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
General UriburuLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
Gobernador Ingeniero Valentin VirasoroLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
Gobernador Juan E. MartinezGoya Airport
Gobernador VirasoraLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
Gomez CueLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
GuaviraviPaso De Los Libres Airport
HerlitzkaCorrientes Airport
HormigueroLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
IbahayCorrientes Airport
IfranGoya Airport
Ingenio Primer CorrentinoCorrientes Airport
IsoquiPaso De Los Libres Airport
Ita CoraCuruzu Cuatia Airport
Ita IbateLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
ItatiCorrientes Airport
ItuzaingoLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
Juan PujolMonte Caseros Airport
LabougleMonte Caseros Airport
La CasualidadReconquista Airport
La CruzPaso De Los Libres Airport
Laguna BravaCorrientes Airport
La PalomaMonte Caseros Airport
Las LomasGoya Airport
Las PalmitasPaso De Los Libres Airport
LavalleGoya Airport
LibertadMonte Caseros Airport
Lomas de GalarzaCorrientes Airport
Lomas de VallejosCorrientes Airport
LoretoLibertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport