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This is an online tool to search airports in Buenos Aires, Argentina nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Buenos Aires, Argentina may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Argentina for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
La PlataLa Plata Airport
Mar del PlataÁstor Piazzola International Airport
QuilmesJorge Newbery Airpark
Bahia BlancaComandante Espora Airport
San Nicolas de los ArroyosIslas Malvinas Airport
TandilHéroes De Malvinas Airport
ZarateSan Fernando Airport
PergaminoJunin Airport
OlavarriaHéroes De Malvinas Airport
JuninJunin Airport
LujanMoron Airport
CampanaSan Fernando Airport
NecocheaNecochea Airport
Punta AltaComandante Espora Airport
ChivilcoyJunin Airport
AzulHéroes De Malvinas Airport
MercedesMoron Airport
Tres ArroyosTres Arroyos Airport
Nueve de JulioComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
ChacabucoJunin Airport
Coronel SuarezComandante Espora Airport
DoloresSanta Teresita Airport
LincolnJunin Airport
Veinticinco de MayoJunin Airport
Balneario RetaTres Arroyos Airport
Balneario OrienteTres Arroyos Airport
Balneario Sauce GrandeComandante Espora Airport
MedanosComandante Espora Airport
AragonComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
AbelComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
AcevedoJunin Airport
AchupallasJunin Airport
Adolfo Gonzales ChavesTres Arroyos Airport
AgustinaJunin Airport
Agustin RocaJunin Airport
AlagonComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
AlamosComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
AlbarinoComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
Alberdi ViejoJunin Airport
AlbertiJunin Airport
Aldea RomanaComandante Espora Airport
Alferez San MartinComandante Espora Airport
AlgarroboComandante Espora Airport
Almirante SolierComandante Espora Airport
Alta VistaComandante Espora Airport
AltonaHéroes De Malvinas Airport
AmaliaComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
AmeghinoComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
AnconComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
AndantComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
CityNearest Airport
AndersonJunin Airport
AparicioTres Arroyos Airport
AranoSanta Rosa Airport
AraujoJunin Airport
ArboledasComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
ArenazaJunin Airport
ArgerichComandante Espora Airport
ArrecifesJunin Airport
ArribenosJunin Airport
Arroyo CortoComandante Espora Airport
Arroyo del MedioIslas Malvinas Airport
Arroyo DulceJunin Airport
Arroyo VenadoComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
Arturo VatteoneSanta Rosa Airport
AsambleaJunin Airport
AscensionJunin Airport
AsturiasComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
AvestruzSanta Rosa Airport
AzopardoComandante Espora Airport
San BlasGobernador Castello Airport
BaigorritaJunin Airport
Bajo HondoComandante Espora Airport
Balneario ClaromecoTres Arroyos Airport
Balneario Monte HermosoComandante Espora Airport
Balneario OceanoTres Arroyos Airport
Balneario Pehuen-CoComandante Espora Airport
BalsaJunin Airport
BanderaloGeneral Pico Airport
Barrio Comandante PiedrabuenaComandante Espora Airport
Barrio Cuidad AtlantidaComandante Espora Airport
Barrio de SuboficialesComandante Espora Airport
Barrio GottlingComandante Espora Airport
BarrowTres Arroyos Airport
BathurstComandante Espora Airport
BaudrixJunin Airport
BayaucaJunin Airport
BellocqComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
BenitezJunin Airport
BerdierJunin Airport
BermudezJunin Airport
BerraondoComandante Espora Airport
BeruttiComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
Blanca GrandeComodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
BlandenguesJunin Airport
BlaquierJunin Airport
Blas DuranonaJunin Airport
BocayuvaGeneral Pico Airport
BordenaveComandante Espora Airport
BordeuComandante Espora Airport
BragadoJunin Airport