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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Sweden for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
UmeaUmeå Airport
SkellefteaSkellefteå Airport
AbackaStoruman Airport
AbborrbergStoruman Airport
AbborrtjarnÅmsele Air Base
AbborrtraskÅmsele Air Base
AbosjonKubbe Air Base
AdakArvidsjaur Airport
AdakgruvanArvidsjaur Airport
AdaklidenArvidsjaur Airport
AggnasUmeå Airport
AhaStoruman Airport
AjaurÅmsele Air Base
AjaureforsenHemavan Airport
AldernasetVilhelmina Airport
AlgsjoVilhelmina Airport
AlgtraskFällfors Air Base
AlidenLycksele Airport
AlidenÅmsele Air Base
AlmseleVilhelmina Airport
AlskalidenLycksele Airport
AmlidenÅmsele Air Base
AmmarnasHemavan Airport
AmseleÅmsele Air Base
AmtraskÅmsele Air Base
AnasetÅmsele Air Base
AndersmarkVilhelmina Airport
AngersjoUmeå Airport
AngesbergVilhelmina Airport
AngesdalHemavan Airport
AnkarsundStoruman Airport
ArksjoVilhelmina Airport
ArlomKramfors Sollefteå Airport
ArnbergÅmsele Air Base
AronsjoVilhelmina Airport
ArvtraskÅmsele Air Base
AseleVilhelmina Airport
AskiljeStoruman Airport
AskiljebyStoruman Airport
AspeaÖrnsköldsvik Airport
AsplidenStoruman Airport
AsplundArvidsjaur Airport
AstraskÅmsele Air Base
AttontraskLycksele Airport
AvaÖrnsköldsvik Airport
AvalidenÅmsele Air Base
AvanasÅmsele Air Base
AvanasStoruman Airport
AvasjoVilhelmina Airport
AvatraskVilhelmina Airport
CityNearest Airport
BacknasStoruman Airport
BaggardÖrnsköldsvik Airport
BaksjolidenLycksele Airport
BalforsÖrnsköldsvik Airport
BalsjoÖrnsköldsvik Airport
BangnasVilhelmina Airport
BarnasVilhelmina Airport
BarseleStoruman Airport
BaskseleVilhelmina Airport
BasksjoVilhelmina Airport
BastanvikHemavan Airport
BastunasArvidsjaur Airport
BastuseletÅmsele Air Base
BastuseletArvidsjaur Airport
BastutjarnÅmsele Air Base
BastutraskUmeå Airport
BastutraskÅmsele Air Base
BastutraskStoruman Airport
BatasVilhelmina Airport
BaverhultÅmsele Air Base
BavertraskLycksele Airport
BellvikVilhelmina Airport
BerglandVilhelmina Airport
BerglundaLycksele Airport
BergnasÅmsele Air Base
BergnasStoruman Airport
BergsjoÖrnsköldsvik Airport
BergvattnetStoruman Airport
BetseleLycksele Airport
BiellojaureHemavan Airport
BiseitjeHemavan Airport
BjartenÖrnsköldsvik Airport
BjenbergUmeå Airport
BjorkaKramfors Sollefteå Airport
BjorkabackKramfors Sollefteå Airport
BjorkasÅmsele Air Base
BjorkasStoruman Airport
BjorkbackenHemavan Airport
BjorkbergStoruman Airport
BjorkeboKubbe Air Base
BjorkforsHemavan Airport
BjorklandArvidsjaur Airport
BjorklidenVilhelmina Airport
BjorklidenFällfors Air Base
BjorknasÅmsele Air Base
BjorknasHemavan Airport
BjorkseleKubbe Air Base
BjorkseleStoruman Airport
BjorkvikHemavan Airport
BjurforsÅmsele Air Base