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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Sweden for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
UppsalaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
EnkopingStockholm Västerås Airport
BalstaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
UllerakerStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AbyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AbyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AdalenStockholm Västerås Airport
AgerstaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AkerbyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AkerbyStockholm Västerås Airport
AkerbyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AkerbyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AkerbyGävle Sandviken Airport
OsthammarStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AkraStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AlbergaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AlbyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AlforsGävle Sandviken Airport
AlmtunaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AlmungeStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AloppeStockholm Västerås Airport
AloppeStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AlsikeStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AlstaStockholm Västerås Airport
AlstaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
OsterbybrukStockholm Västerås Airport
AltunaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AlundaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AlvkarlebyGävle Sandviken Airport
AlvkarleoGävle Sandviken Airport
AlvlosaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AlvsnasStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AmbrickaGävle Sandviken Airport
AndersbergStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AndersboGävle Sandviken Airport
AndersbyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AnderstaStockholm Västerås Airport
AngebyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AngebyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AngsbodaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AngvretaGävle Sandviken Airport
AnnestaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AnnoStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AnoStockholm-Arlanda Airport
ApalleStockholm-Arlanda Airport
ArboleGävle Sandviken Airport
ArbyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
ArbyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
ArbyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
ArnaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
CityNearest Airport
ArneviStockholm-Arlanda Airport
ArstaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
ArstaGävle Sandviken Airport
AsbyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AskholmGävle Sandviken Airport
AsmundboGävle Sandviken Airport
AspoStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AssjoStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AstorpStockholm-Arlanda Airport
AxlundaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BacklosenGävle Sandviken Airport
BaggebyGävle Sandviken Airport
BaklaGävle Sandviken Airport
BalingeStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BalingstaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BalsundaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BarbyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BarknareGävle Sandviken Airport
BarkoStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BarstaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BarstaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BenalaStockholm Västerås Airport
BennarbyStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BennarbyGävle Sandviken Airport
BennebolStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BergStockholm Västerås Airport
BergGävle Sandviken Airport
BergaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BergaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BergsbrunnaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BerkingeGävle Sandviken Airport
BerthagaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BjorkStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BjorkkullaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BjorklingeStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BjornomeStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BjorstaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BlackboStockholm Västerås Airport
BlackstaStockholm Västerås Airport
BladakerStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BodarnaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BodarnaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BoglosaStockholm Västerås Airport
BokarbyGävle Sandviken Airport
BolStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BoleGävle Sandviken Airport
BolkaStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BollungenStockholm-Arlanda Airport
BolstanGävle Sandviken Airport
BorggardeStockholm-Arlanda Airport