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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Sweden for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
KalmarKalmar Airport
VastervikOskarshamn Airport
OskarshamnOskarshamn Airport
NybroKalmar Airport
FaerjestadenKalmar Airport
MoerbylangaKalmar Airport
SkogsbyKalmar Airport
AlgutsrumKalmar Airport
DegerhamnKalmar Airport
VicklebyKalmar Airport
GardbyKalmar Airport
ArontorpKalmar Airport
KastloesaKalmar Airport
Stora BingaKalmar Airport
FrobygardaKalmar Airport
Bottorps HamnKalmar Airport
NytorpKalmar Airport
Klovehalls LageKalmar Airport
BottorpKalmar Airport
NasetKalmar Airport
LoversKalmar Airport
BokenasKalmar Airport
GloenKalmar Airport
AdKalmar Airport
EnebackenKalmar Airport
LugnetKalmar Airport
PabonasKalmar Airport
ParadisetKalmar Airport
LafsekullaKalmar Airport
KarraboKalmar Airport
BjorkenasKalmar Airport
GasstenKalmar Airport
GettlingeKalmar Airport
PerstorpKalmar Airport
KarraKalmar Airport
ParboangKalmar Airport
TalluddenKalmar Airport
FlakoKalmar Airport
SkaftnasKalmar Airport
EkerumshamnKalmar Airport
LindoKalmar Airport
SlommenKalmar Airport
VarvetKalmar Airport
GardsholmenKalmar Airport
AledalKalmar Airport
LokenasKalmar Airport
YtteronKalmar Airport
Norra VanevikOskarshamn Airport
MarseholmOskarshamn Airport
Sodra VanevikOskarshamn Airport
CityNearest Airport
SkalevikOskarshamn Airport
NorrgardenOskarshamn Airport
SorgardenOskarshamn Airport
LotebackeOskarshamn Airport
BrantebackeOskarshamn Airport
Monsteras BrukOskarshamn Airport
AserumOskarshamn Airport
AlkistanOskarshamn Airport
Alvedsjo BodarOskarshamn Airport
EskilslundOskarshamn Airport
NorrbynOskarshamn Airport
SorbynOskarshamn Airport
GrytehamnOskarshamn Airport
JordhamnOskarshamn Airport
GronvikOskarshamn Airport
BruddestaOskarshamn Airport
OrmogaKalmar Airport
BjornsbodarKalmar Airport
VannborgaKalmar Airport
BoslatOskarshamn Airport
BistingsmalaOskarshamn Airport
StoronKalmar Airport
LillonOskarshamn Airport
NydalaOskarshamn Airport
LjungnasOskarshamn Airport
ArneholmKalmar Airport
HedersrumKalmar Airport
RosenforsKalmar Airport
GrytonKalmar Airport
KorpemalaKalmar Airport
SaltorKalmar Airport
Sodra NavraKalmar Airport
Norra NavraKalmar Airport
FagelsuddenKalmar Airport
Slakmore StrandKalmar Airport
Snacko HamnKalmar Airport
RasdalOskarshamn Airport
MetaOskarshamn Airport
HastsundetOskarshamn Airport
StrangenasOskarshamn Airport
GunleuddHultsfred Airport
OrenOskarshamn Airport
GrindeboOskarshamn Airport
PeterslundOskarshamn Airport
KjusedalHultsfred Airport
HjulbynasHultsfred Airport
KarlsroHultsfred Airport
HogsbyHultsfred Airport
StengardsnasHultsfred Airport
TinderednasHultsfred Airport