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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Norway for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
TrondheimTrondheim Airport, Værnes
MalvikTrondheim Airport, Værnes
MelhusTrondheim Airport, Værnes
HommelvikTrondheim Airport, Værnes
OppdalRøros Airport
RorosRøros Airport
KyrksaeteroraØrland Airport
BrekstadØrland Airport
SkaunTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AØrland Airport
BotngardØrland Airport
LundamoTrondheim Airport, Værnes
TanemTrondheim Airport, Værnes
LokkenØrland Airport
BerkakRøros Airport
SistrandaØrland Airport
HovinTrondheim Airport, Værnes
FillanØrland Airport
KvalTrondheim Airport, Værnes
OldenØrland Airport
GjolmeØrland Airport
KorsvegenTrondheim Airport, Værnes
Trolla BrukTrondheim Airport, Værnes
LerTrondheim Airport, Værnes
UthaugØrland Airport
SelbekkenØrland Airport
OpphaugØrland Airport
MuruvikTrondheim Airport, Værnes
OttersboØrland Airport
LysoysundetØrland Airport
StorasØrland Airport
BjornliØrland Airport
SoknedalTrondheim Airport, Værnes
RakvagØrland Airport
EggkleivaTrondheim Airport, Værnes
HestvikaØrland Airport
HopenØrland Airport
HeimdalTrondheim Airport, Værnes
SaetranRørvik Airport, Ryum
BrevikØrland Airport
BreivikØrland Airport
VannvikanØrland Airport
AlstadØrland Airport
SnildalØrland Airport
KvenvaerKristiansund Airport, Kvernberget
Ovre SkardsvagØrland Airport
ATrondheim Airport, Værnes
AEliTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AElilokkenTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AErvikØrland Airport
CityNearest Airport
AftraetTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AksetØrland Airport
AksetØrland Airport
AlenRøros Airport
AlmasRøros Airport
AnderskogenKristiansund Airport, Kvernberget
AnsnesØrland Airport
AngenRørvik Airport, Ryum
ArbogenØrland Airport
ArnesØrland Airport
AsTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AsRøros Airport
AsalisaeterTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AseggRørvik Airport, Ryum
AsmundvagØrland Airport
AukaØrland Airport
AuneRøros Airport
AunehaganTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AunetTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AunetRørvik Airport, Ryum
AunevollenRøros Airport
AustrattØrland Airport
AvloysaØrland Airport
BadstuvikaØrland Airport
BakØrland Airport
BakkenØrland Airport
BallstadTrondheim Airport, Værnes
BarmanØrland Airport
BeianØrland Airport
BekkenØrland Airport
BekkosRøros Airport
BelleTrondheim Airport, Værnes
BelsvikØrland Airport
BendosenRøros Airport
BerdalØrland Airport
BergØrland Airport
BergTrondheim Airport, Værnes
BergØrland Airport
BergeØrland Airport
BergetØrland Airport
BergsnesetTrondheim Airport, Værnes
BessakerØrland Airport
BjerkanØrland Airport
BjorganRøros Airport
BjorgenRøros Airport
BjorgenRøros Airport
BjorgjaTrondheim Airport, Værnes
BjorkanØrland Airport
BjornerasØrland Airport
BjornevagØrland Airport