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Note: Data of all the airports in the Sogn og Fjordane, Norway may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Norway for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
FordeFlorø Airport
FloroFlorø Airport
Ovre ArdalLeirin Airport
MaloyFlorø Airport
NordfjordeidØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
HoyangerFlorø Airport
SandaneØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
StrynØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
ArdalstangenLeirin Airport
SvelgenFlorø Airport
LaerdalsoyriLeirin Airport
NaustdalFlorø Airport
DaleFlorø Airport
KaupangerLeirin Airport
BalestrandFlorø Airport
RaudebergFlorø Airport
SeljeØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
SandeFlorø Airport
BrandsoyFlorø Airport
SeimsdalLeirin Airport
InnvikØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
BryggjaFlorø Airport
GrodesØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
KalvagFlorø Airport
HolevikFlorø Airport
OtnesØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
ByrkjelobruaØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
ByrknesBergen Airport, Flesland
VassendenFlorø Airport
KyrkjeboFlorø Airport
HardbakkeFlorø Airport
VagsvagFlorø Airport
HafsloØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
HonndalssaetraØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
StrynesaetraØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
HennebygdaØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
LangenesØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
GulesteinØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
Sor OppedalFlorø Airport
Nord OppedalFlorø Airport
NyborgFlorø Airport
RamsevikFlorø Airport
UksholaFlorø Airport
StrandaholmenFlorø Airport
AbyrgeFlorø Airport
AEriLeirin Airport
AkseFlorø Airport
AldenFlorø Airport
AlenFlorø Airport
AlfotenFlorø Airport
CityNearest Airport
AmlaLeirin Airport
AmotØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
AndalenFlorø Airport
AngelshaugFlorø Airport
AnnelandBergen Airport, Flesland
ApalsetFlorø Airport
ApnasetFlorø Airport
ArdalFlorø Airport
ArebergFlorø Airport
ArebrotFlorø Airport
AreklettFlorø Airport
ArnafjordFlorø Airport
ArnesFlorø Airport
AroyFlorø Airport
ArsetFlorø Airport
ArsteinFlorø Airport
ArvikØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
AseFlorø Airport
AseFlorø Airport
AseFlorø Airport
AsheimFlorø Airport
AskFlorø Airport
AsmulFlorø Airport
AsmundvagFlorø Airport
AsnesFlorø Airport
AtterasFlorø Airport
AusevikFlorø Airport
AusterheimFlorø Airport
AvedalFlorø Airport
AvenFlorø Airport
BakkeFlorø Airport
BakkenØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
BarekstadlandetFlorø Airport
BarlogFlorø Airport
BarmenØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
BarsnesØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
BekkenFlorø Airport
BerdalFlorø Airport
BerekvamBergen Airport, Flesland
BergeFlorø Airport
BergeFlorø Airport
BerleFlorø Airport
BergsetØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
BerstadØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
BerstadØrsta-Volda Airport, Hovden
BjergaFlorø Airport
BjordalFlorø Airport
BjordalFlorø Airport
BjorgoLeirin Airport
BjorkLeirin Airport