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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Norway for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
SteinkjerTrondheim Airport, Værnes
StjordalshalsenTrondheim Airport, Værnes
NamsosRørvik Airport, Ryum
LevangerTrondheim Airport, Værnes
VerdalsoraTrondheim Airport, Værnes
RorvikRørvik Airport, Ryum
SkognTrondheim Airport, Værnes
KolvereidRørvik Airport, Ryum
MalmTrondheim Airport, Værnes
StraumenTrondheim Airport, Værnes
GrongRørvik Airport, Ryum
HellTrondheim Airport, Værnes
MerakerTrondheim Airport, Værnes
BangsundRørvik Airport, Ryum
SnasaRørvik Airport, Ryum
HegraTrondheim Airport, Værnes
SparbuTrondheim Airport, Værnes
SkageRørvik Airport, Ryum
RoraTrondheim Airport, Værnes
FoldafossTrondheim Airport, Værnes
LauvsnesRørvik Airport, Ryum
VelbeTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AsenTrondheim Airport, Værnes
TronesRørvik Airport, Ryum
HyllaTrondheim Airport, Værnes
SmalandTrondheim Airport, Værnes
RanemslettaRørvik Airport, Ryum
RoyrvikBrønnøysund Airport
KvithamarTrondheim Airport, Værnes
KopperaTrondheim Airport, Værnes
LitlsulaRørvik Airport, Ryum
AbelvaerRørvik Airport, Ryum
AdalsvollenTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AgleRørvik Airport, Ryum
AksnesTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AlhusstrandenRørvik Airport, Ryum
AlmasTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AndsnesRørvik Airport, Ryum
AnesetRørvik Airport, Ryum
ArforRørvik Airport, Ryum
ArgardRørvik Airport, Ryum
ArmoenRørvik Airport, Ryum
ArnesRørvik Airport, Ryum
ArstadTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AsanRørvik Airport, Ryum
AsenTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AsklundTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AsmulenRørvik Airport, Ryum
AspTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AspnesetRørvik Airport, Ryum
CityNearest Airport
AssveetRørvik Airport, Ryum
AuneTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AuneRørvik Airport, Ryum
AuneRørvik Airport, Ryum
AunfossRørvik Airport, Ryum
AuranTrondheim Airport, Værnes
AustafjordRørvik Airport, Ryum
AustborgRørvik Airport, Ryum
AustnesBrønnøysund Airport
BalstadØrland Airport
BartnesTrondheim Airport, Værnes
BergeRørvik Airport, Ryum
BergsmoRørvik Airport, Ryum
BindeTrondheim Airport, Værnes
BjorhusdalenBrønnøysund Airport
BjorndalenRørvik Airport, Ryum
BjornstadBrønnøysund Airport
BoleRørvik Airport, Ryum
BomoRørvik Airport, Ryum
BondoyRørvik Airport, Ryum
BorganRørvik Airport, Ryum
BorstadRørvik Airport, Ryum
BrattbakkenTrondheim Airport, Værnes
BrattlandRørvik Airport, Ryum
BrekkanTrondheim Airport, Værnes
BrembuRørvik Airport, Ryum
BrenmoTrondheim Airport, Værnes
BroemRørvik Airport, Ryum
BronstadRørvik Airport, Ryum
BrorsRørvik Airport, Ryum
BruemTrondheim Airport, Værnes
BruemTrondheim Airport, Værnes
BrunstadRørvik Airport, Ryum
BruvollRørvik Airport, Ryum
BuvarpRørvik Airport, Ryum
ByTrondheim Airport, Værnes
ByafossenTrondheim Airport, Værnes
DaleRørvik Airport, Ryum
DorrasRørvik Airport, Ryum
DunRørvik Airport, Ryum
DyvaTrondheim Airport, Værnes
EdshaugRørvik Airport, Ryum
EggjaTrondheim Airport, Værnes
EidRørvik Airport, Ryum
EidetRørvik Airport, Ryum
EkkerRørvik Airport, Ryum
EldaRørvik Airport, Ryum
EliTrondheim Airport, Værnes
ElnanTrondheim Airport, Værnes
ElnesTrondheim Airport, Værnes