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This is an online tool to search airports in Northern District, Israel nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Northern District, Israel may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Israel for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
NahariyyaHaifa International Airport
`AkkoHaifa International Airport
Karmi'elBen Ya'akov Airport
TiberiasBen Ya'akov Airport
ZefatBen Ya'akov Airport
TamraHaifa International Airport
SakhninHaifa International Airport
Qiryat ShemonaBen Ya'akov Airport
MagharBen Ya'akov Airport
Kafr KannaRamat David Air Base
JudeidaHaifa International Airport
Er ReinaRamat David Air Base
Kafr MandaRamat David Air Base
IksalRamat David Air Base
NahfBen Ya'akov Airport
Beit JannBen Ya'akov Airport
KabulHaifa International Airport
Deir HannaBen Ya'akov Airport
Kafr YasifHaifa International Airport
DabburiyaRamat David Air Base
Kefar WeradimBen Ya'akov Airport
ShelomiHaifa International Airport
Ramat YishayRamat David Air Base
HurfeishBen Ya'akov Airport
SajurBen Ya'akov Airport
Kafr KamaRamat David Air Base
FassutaBen Ya'akov Airport
JishBen Ya'akov Airport
`UzeirRamat David Air Base
Rosh PinnaBen Ya'akov Airport
SulamRamat David Air Base
Kefar TavorRamat David Air Base
Esh Sheikh DannunHaifa International Airport
SallamaBen Ya'akov Airport
TimratRamat David Air Base
Rumat HeibRamat David Air Base
NeinRamat David Air Base
IntisarBen Ya'akov Airport
Migdal TefenHaifa International Airport
LappidotHaifa International Airport
Hemdat YamimBen Ya'akov Airport
HarashimBen Ya'akov Airport
HaluzBen Ya'akov Airport
TuvalHaifa International Airport
ZuritHaifa International Airport
ZeviyyaBen Ya'akov Airport
MikhmannimBen Ya'akov Airport
KammonBen Ya'akov Airport
MoranBen Ya'akov Airport
QaddarimBen Ya'akov Airport
CityNearest Airport
Kefar HananyaBen Ya'akov Airport
HazonBen Ya'akov Airport
EshharHaifa International Airport
YuvallimHaifa International Airport
ShorashimHaifa International Airport
LotemBen Ya'akov Airport
TefahotBen Ya'akov Airport
KallanitBen Ya'akov Airport
MisgavHaifa International Airport
RaqqefetHaifa International Airport
QoranitHaifa International Airport
ShekhanyaHaifa International Airport
HararitBen Ya'akov Airport
AvtalyonRamat David Air Base
MassadBen Ya'akov Airport
Bet RimmonRamat David Air Base
Hosha`yaRamat David Air Base
ShibliRamat David Air Base
Magen Sha'ulRamat David Air Base
Abu SinanHaifa International Airport
AdamitHaifa International Airport
AddirimRamat David Air Base
AfeqHaifa International Airport
AfiqimBen Ya'akov Airport
`AfulaRamat David Air Base
`Afula `IllitRamat David Air Base
AhihudHaifa International Airport
Ahuzzat NaftaliBen Ya'akov Airport
`AkbaraBen Ya'akov Airport
Allone AbbaRamat David Air Base
AllonimRamat David Air Base
`AlmaBen Ya'akov Airport
AlmagorBen Ya'akov Airport
AlummotBen Ya'akov Airport
`AmirBen Ya'akov Airport
AmirimBen Ya'akov Airport
`Ammi`adBen Ya'akov Airport
`AmqaHaifa International Airport
ArbelBen Ya'akov Airport
`ArrabaRamat David Air Base
Ashdot Ya`aqovBen Ya'akov Airport
Ashdot Ya`aqov IhudBen Ya'akov Airport
Ashdot Ya`aqov Me'uhadRamat David Air Base
AshmuraBen Ya'akov Airport
`AvdonHaifa International Airport
AvitalRamat David Air Base
AvivimBen Ya'akov Airport
AvuqaRamat David Air Base
Ayyelet HaShaharBen Ya'akov Airport
BalfouriyyaRamat David Air Base
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