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This is an online tool to search airports in HaDarom, Israel nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the HaDarom, Israel may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Israel for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
AshqelonTel Nov Air Base
Qiryat GatTel Nov Air Base
ElatEilat Airport
DimonaNevatim Air Base
NetivotNevatim Air Base
OfaqimNevatim Air Base
SederotTel Nov Air Base
YerohamNevatim Air Base
Bene `AyishTel Nov Air Base
Mizpe RamonRamon Air Base
KeturaOvda International Airport
TelalimRamon Air Base
AshalimRamon Air Base
Nizzane SinayRamon Air Base
Nahal Ya`alonOvda International Airport
Nahal ShittimOvda International Airport
Newe HarifOvda International Airport
ShizzafonOvda International Airport
`Ir OvotNevatim Air Base
GidronNevatim Air Base
SappirRamon Air Base
ZofarRamon Air Base
ParanOvda International Airport
Mahane ZofarRamon Air Base
YahelOvda International Airport
Abba HillelTel Nov Air Base
AfridarTel Nov Air Base
AhuzzamTel Nov Air Base
`AlumimNevatim Air Base
AmazyaTel Nov Air Base
`Ammi`ozNevatim Air Base
`AradBar Yehuda Airfield
`ArugotTel Nov Air Base
AshdodTel Nov Air Base
AvigedorTel Nov Air Base
`AzriqamTel Nov Air Base
Barnea`Tel Nov Air Base
Be'eriNevatim Air Base
Be'er MenuhaOvda International Airport
Be'er OraEilat Airport
Be'erot YizhaqTel Nov Air Base
BeershebaNevatim Air Base
Be'er TovyaTel Nov Air Base
Beit JirjaTel Nov Air Base
BerekhyaTel Nov Air Base
Beror HayilTel Nov Air Base
BeroshNevatim Air Base
BerurimTel Nov Air Base
Bet `EzraTel Nov Air Base
Bet GuvrinTel Nov Air Base
CityNearest Airport
Bet HaGaddiNevatim Air Base
Bet NirTel Nov Air Base
Bet QamaNevatim Air Base
Bet ShiqmaTel Nov Air Base
BithaNevatim Air Base
BizzaronTel Nov Air Base
BureirTel Nov Air Base
DeganimTel Nov Air Base
Deir SuneidTel Nov Air Base
DeviraNevatim Air Base
DorotTel Nov Air Base
El HuzaiyilNevatim Air Base
El `ImaraNevatim Air Base
ElotEilat Airport
EmunimTel Nov Air Base
`En BoqeqBar Yehuda Airfield
`En GediBar Yehuda Airfield
`En HaSheloshaNevatim Air Base
`En KeremTel Nov Air Base
`En NetafimEilat Airport
`En YahavRamon Air Base
`En ZurimTel Nov Air Base
ErezTel Nov Air Base
EshbolNevatim Air Base
Eshel HaNasiNevatim Air Base
EshkolotTel Nov Air Base
EtanTel Nov Air Base
Even Shemu'elTel Nov Air Base
`EzuzRamon Air Base
Gal'onTel Nov Air Base
GatTel Nov Air Base
Ge'aTel Nov Air Base
GerofitOvda International Airport
Gevar`amTel Nov Air Base
GevimTel Nov Air Base
GevulotNevatim Air Base
GilatNevatim Air Base
Giv`atiTel Nov Air Base
Giv`olimNevatim Air Base
HaruvitTel Nov Air Base
HazavTel Nov Air Base
HazerimNevatim Air Base
HazevaNevatim Air Base
Hazor AshdodTel Nov Air Base
HelezTel Nov Air Base
HodiyyaTel Nov Air Base
IbbimTel Nov Air Base
JulisTel Nov Air Base
KannotTel Nov Air Base
KarmiyyaTel Nov Air Base
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