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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Israel for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Jerusalem(Yerushalayim)Tel Nov Air Base
Tel Aviv-Yafo(Tel Aviv)Sde Dov Airport
Haifa(Hefa)Haifa International Airport
Rishon LeZiyyon(HaMerkaz)Ben Gurion International Airport
Netanya(HaMerkaz)Sde Dov Airport
Holon(Tel Aviv)Ben Gurion International Airport
Bene Beraq(Tel Aviv)Sde Dov Airport
Bat Yam(Tel Aviv)Sde Dov Airport
Ramat Gan(Tel Aviv)Sde Dov Airport
Ashqelon(HaDarom)Tel Nov Air Base
Herzliyya B(Tel Aviv)Sde Dov Airport
Kefar Sava(HaMerkaz)Sde Dov Airport
Hadera(Hefa)Ramat David Air Base
Bet Shemesh(Yerushalayim)Tel Nov Air Base
Lod(HaMerkaz)Ben Gurion International Airport
Ramla(HaMerkaz)Ben Gurion International Airport
Nahariyya(Northern District)Haifa International Airport
Qiryat Ata(Hefa)Haifa International Airport
Qiryat Gat(HaDarom)Tel Nov Air Base
`Akko(Northern District)Haifa International Airport
Elat(HaDarom)Eilat Airport
Karmi'el(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
Hod HaSharon(HaMerkaz)Sde Dov Airport
Umm el Fahm(Hefa)Ramat David Air Base
Tiberias(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
Qiryat Motzkin(Hefa)Haifa International Airport
Qiryat Yam(Hefa)Haifa International Airport
Qiryat Bialik(Hefa)Haifa International Airport
Ramat HaSharon(Tel Aviv)Sde Dov Airport
Dimona(HaDarom)Nevatim Air Base
Et Taiyiba(HaMerkaz)Sde Dov Airport
Yavne(HaMerkaz)Tel Nov Air Base
Or Yehuda(Tel Aviv)Ben Gurion International Airport
Zefat(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
Mevo Betar(Yerushalayim)Tel Nov Air Base
Tamra(Northern District)Haifa International Airport
Sakhnin(Northern District)Haifa International Airport
Netivot(HaDarom)Nevatim Air Base
Ofaqim(HaDarom)Nevatim Air Base
Qiryat Shemona(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
Nesher(Hefa)Haifa International Airport
Et Tira(HaMerkaz)Sde Dov Airport
Sederot(HaDarom)Tel Nov Air Base
Tirat Karmel(Hefa)Haifa International Airport
Maghar(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
Kafr Kanna(Northern District)Ramat David Air Base
Judeida(Northern District)Haifa International Airport
Kafr Qasim(HaMerkaz)Ben Gurion International Airport
Qalansuwa(HaMerkaz)Sde Dov Airport
Er Reina(Northern District)Ramat David Air Base
CityNearest Airport
Kafr Manda(Northern District)Ramat David Air Base
Gan Yavne(HaMerkaz)Tel Nov Air Base
Gedera(HaMerkaz)Tel Nov Air Base
Kefar Yona(HaMerkaz)Sde Dov Airport
Ganne Tiqwa(HaMerkaz)Ben Gurion International Airport
Iksal(Northern District)Ramat David Air Base
Azor(Tel Aviv)Ben Gurion International Airport
Nahf(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
Beit Jann(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
El Fureidis(Hefa)Ramat David Air Base
Kabul(Northern District)Haifa International Airport
Even Yehuda(HaMerkaz)Sde Dov Airport
Tel Mond(HaMerkaz)Sde Dov Airport
Yeroham(HaDarom)Nevatim Air Base
Rekhasim(Hefa)Haifa International Airport
Deir Hanna(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
Kafr Yasif(Northern District)Haifa International Airport
Dabburiya(Northern District)Ramat David Air Base
Mazkeret Batya(HaMerkaz)Tel Nov Air Base
Bene `Ayish(HaDarom)Tel Nov Air Base
Jaljulya(HaMerkaz)Sde Dov Airport
Bir el MaksurRamat David Air Base
Pardesiyya(HaMerkaz)Sde Dov Airport
Abu Ghaush(Yerushalayim)Tel Nov Air Base
Kefar Weradim(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
Shelomi(Northern District)Haifa International Airport
Bet Dagan(HaMerkaz)Ben Gurion International Airport
Ramat Yishay(Northern District)Ramat David Air Base
Hurfeish(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
Kefar Habad(HaMerkaz)Ben Gurion International Airport
Mizpe Ramon(HaDarom)Ramon Air Base
Sajur(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
Savyon(HaMerkaz)Ben Gurion International Airport
Kafr Kama(Northern District)Ramat David Air Base
Fassuta(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
Elyakhin(HaMerkaz)Sde Dov Airport
Jish(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
`Uzeir(Northern District)Ramat David Air Base
Rosh Pinna(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
Sulam(Northern District)Ramat David Air Base
Kefar Tavor(Northern District)Ramat David Air Base
Esh Sheikh Dannun(Northern District)Haifa International Airport
Nordiyya(HaMerkaz)Sde Dov Airport
Nehalim(HaMerkaz)Ben Gurion International Airport
Ibtin(Hefa)Haifa International Airport
Sallama(Northern District)Ben Ya'akov Airport
Timrat(Northern District)Ramat David Air Base
Kefar Shemaryahu(Tel Aviv)Sde Dov Airport
Bet Yizhaq(HaMerkaz)Sde Dov Airport
Rumat Heib(Northern District)Ramat David Air Base
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