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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Congo (Brazzaville) for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
OwandoOwando Airport
MakouaOwando Airport
Saint-FrancoisOwando Airport
EsimbiOwando Airport
Tsongo IIOwando Airport
EngondoOwando Airport
OyanaOwando Airport
EngaliOwando Airport
EkogoOwando Airport
OnguiaOwando Airport
Dzogo IOwando Airport
OntoloOwando Airport
LekoupeOwando Airport
Bara IIOwando Airport
NgouaneOwando Airport
OyoOwando Airport
Ancien BibayaOwando Airport
DjokoOwando Airport
KepouyaOwando Airport
AmbimiOwando Airport
PoriOwando Airport
ObanaOwando Airport
ObanaOwando Airport
VagaOwando Airport
LebiliOwando Airport
EtiOwando Airport
OkogoOwando Airport
AliemeOwando Airport
LebiliOwando Airport
LecounaOwando Airport
AkouOwando Airport
ObanaOwando Airport
SereOwando Airport
BouaOwando Airport
Adzie IIOwando Airport
MbalaOwando Airport
OssegueOwando Airport
OngaliOwando Airport
AkaraOwando Airport
AkaraOwando Airport
DzieleOwando Airport
OkoloOwando Airport
MfaguiOwando Airport
AkabandeleOwando Airport
NkouaOwando Airport
AyariOwando Airport
LeyomiOwando Airport
BokonkoOwando Airport
Boyoko-BiriOwando Airport
BouegniOwando Airport
CityNearest Airport
MatokoOwando Airport
LikendzeOwando Airport
BakeloOwando Airport
LekendzeOwando Airport
MosasakoOwando Airport
MbayaOwando Airport
MakolondanboOwando Airport
BobousaOwando Airport
EtdjamaOwando Airport
BongaOwando Airport
MotokoOwando Airport
BotandoOwando Airport
MobengaOwando Airport
MbamouOwando Airport
Mossaka IIOwando Airport
BotenaOwando Airport
EkoumaniOwando Airport
LokangaOwando Airport
BokosoOwando Airport
Bokoso IIOwando Airport
Bokoso IIIOwando Airport
EkouliOwando Airport
MontzonoloOwando Airport
BiselOwando Airport
LikoukaOwando Airport
LinyangaOwando Airport
NdongoOwando Airport
MobengaOwando Airport
MobengaOwando Airport
MobengaOwando Airport
MbenzaOwando Airport
Kounda (CFHBC)Owando Airport
Kounda SudOwando Airport
Kounda KatikatiOwando Airport
Kounda NordOwando Airport
LilangaOwando Airport
KonzioloOwando Airport
TsetseOwando Airport
BonbeOwando Airport
BohoulouOwando Airport
MakoungouOwando Airport
BonialaOwando Airport
BoundjiOwando Airport
BokaOwando Airport
MaloulouOwando Airport
BokolaOwando Airport
BomiokoOwando Airport
TchonoOwando Airport
SengoloOwando Airport
MotoumongondeOwando Airport
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