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Note: Data of all the airports in the Likouala, Congo (Brazzaville) may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Congo (Brazzaville) for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
ImpfondoOuesso Airport
BangiOuesso Airport
MabelouOuesso Airport
ZoumboulayeOuesso Airport
BoboOuesso Airport
NdamaOuesso Airport
IsongoOuesso Airport
BoumaOuesso Airport
Bisambi IIOuesso Airport
MakasaOuesso Airport
KoyoOuesso Airport
KokaOuesso Airport
Mokili-DembeOuesso Airport
MonbeleOuesso Airport
DjitoyeOuesso Airport
ZabiOuesso Airport
Tala-NgaiOuesso Airport
SambalaOuesso Airport
KouakaOuesso Airport
InokouOuesso Airport
NkouaOuesso Airport
MokoyoOuesso Airport
Nokili-NgongoOuesso Airport
KangaOuesso Airport
MimpoutouOuesso Airport
MambangueOwando Airport
BodzendzoOwando Airport
BongombeleOwando Airport
OuennzaOwando Airport
KondsoOwando Airport
MbondoOwando Airport
Langa-BouennzaOwando Airport
Langa-LangaOwando Airport
MobakaOwando Airport
LikayaOwando Airport
MossokoulaOwando Airport
Makouma-SanmboOwando Airport
LonmboOwando Airport
EpeleOwando Airport
MbalaOwando Airport
NiangiOuesso Airport
BondokiOuesso Airport
Soukissa-BalloysOwando Airport
Talangai-BalloysOwando Airport
EbilaOuesso Airport
MbalaOuesso Airport
MabanguiOuesso Airport
FarakaOuesso Airport
BobeleOuesso Airport
ModzakaOuesso Airport
CityNearest Airport
BokoOuesso Airport
BoubaOuesso Airport
BosekaOuesso Airport
IbangaOuesso Airport
BolekeOuesso Airport
IbakiOuesso Airport
KanioOuesso Airport
IboloOuesso Airport
BokaleOuesso Airport
BoaOuesso Airport
IpongiOuesso Airport
GougaOuesso Airport
IkengbegbeleOuesso Airport
BimanakassaOuesso Airport
DibabaOuesso Airport
Poto-PotoOuesso Airport
NgoundibaOuesso Airport
MindouliOuesso Airport
NgoleOuesso Airport
BokangaOuesso Airport
NgokaOuesso Airport
BaponboOuesso Airport
MbalaOuesso Airport
Mouali GbangbaOuesso Airport
LobongaOuesso Airport
DzangaOuesso Airport
MapelaOuesso Airport
MotalaOuesso Airport
Ancien Bera NjokoOuesso Airport
Ancien DiambolaOuesso Airport
Ancien SandjalaOuesso Airport
AnikouOuesso Airport
BalhoisOwando Airport
BandekoOuesso Airport
Mbanza IIOuesso Airport
Bangui-MotabaOuesso Airport
BekonmboOwando Airport
BeneOuesso Airport
BerandjokouOuesso Airport
BetouOuesso Airport
Betou d' IssassaOuesso Airport
BimboOuesso Airport
BissambiOuesso Airport
LobokoOwando Airport
BoubanguiOwando Airport
BokatolaOuesso Airport
BoketaOuesso Airport
BokodziOuesso Airport
BokokotoOuesso Airport
BolomoOuesso Airport
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