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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Congo (Brazzaville) for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
GambomaOwando Airport
DjambalaMaya-Maya Airport
EkoOwando Airport
OsaoOwando Airport
AkabiOwando Airport
EngieOwando Airport
Osele-MokeOwando Airport
AkalaOwando Airport
BalanganbaOwando Airport
OtziaOwando Airport
IboboliOwando Airport
EntsieleOwando Airport
KanaOwando Airport
NdouomiOwando Airport
LimaOwando Airport
NkoloOwando Airport
Ntou IIOwando Airport
NkoulouOwando Airport
OkamamweOwando Airport
Koni-KoniOwando Airport
PosiOwando Airport
OngouliOwando Airport
GelibiOwando Airport
EntseleOwando Airport
GankomaOwando Airport
BokaOwando Airport
KadjouniOwando Airport
OtsouantaOwando Airport
KiriOwando Airport
LekwonOwando Airport
PanaOwando Airport
KoueOwando Airport
OkaOwando Airport
EkoOwando Airport
EtsiOwando Airport
MoaOwando Airport
EngoumaOwando Airport
EmbouonOwando Airport
OtsatoOwando Airport
AkanaOwando Airport
BeantsionOwando Airport
EsiOwando Airport
EkoloOwando Airport
OboOwando Airport
EboyoOwando Airport
EbongoOwando Airport
OkeleOwando Airport
Entsiele-MokeOwando Airport
DongoOwando Airport
AlaOwando Airport
CityNearest Airport
MbayaOwando Airport
ItoumbaOwando Airport
KaniOwando Airport
AsingoOwando Airport
OtaliOwando Airport
AssengueOwando Airport
KosounaOwando Airport
LangalangaOwando Airport
LangalangaOwando Airport
Okoundou IIOwando Airport
Ekwasende-MokeOwando Airport
KongalikouOwando Airport
OngouliOwando Airport
EsangaOwando Airport
EpaOwando Airport
KomoOwando Airport
TsokiaOwando Airport
OlemeOwando Airport
AkongoOwando Airport
DongoOwando Airport
BoubouOwando Airport
Dongo-MokeOwando Airport
IbindaOwando Airport
TsangiOwando Airport
EkosoOwando Airport
EboroOwando Airport
ObouyaOwando Airport
GaniaOwando Airport
OboOwando Airport
TsaliOwando Airport
DongoOwando Airport
AboOwando Airport
AkieleOwando Airport
EkasaOwando Airport
AkanaOwando Airport
BeneOwando Airport
OkamweOwando Airport
TsouoOwando Airport
OkialaOwando Airport
ObilabomaOwando Airport
EtoloOwando Airport
ObaseneOwando Airport
EtoroOwando Airport
EkoloOwando Airport
Bekanga IOwando Airport
Elonga IIOwando Airport
OngaliOwando Airport
NganOwando Airport
Obala IIOwando Airport
MbaesoOwando Airport
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