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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Chile for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
CopiapoDesierto de Atacama Airport
VallenarVallenar Airport
Diego de AlmagroRicardo García Posada Airport
AlgarrobalVallenar Airport
Iglesia ColoradaVallenar Airport
Los CaseronesVallenar Airport
Port de ContaritoVallenar Airport
El ToroVallenar Airport
LoncomillaVallenar Airport
MatancillaLa Florida Airport
Agua AmargaVallenar Airport
Agua de LazoVallenar Airport
Agua DulceVallenar Airport
AlgarroboDesierto de Atacama Airport
AlmiresesVallenar Airport
Alto del CarmenVallenar Airport
AngosturaDesierto de Atacama Airport
AtacamaVallenar Airport
BarrabasVallenar Airport
BerenguelaChacalluta Airport
BodeguillaVallenar Airport
CachitosDesierto de Atacama Airport
CachiyuyoVallenar Airport
CajoncitoRicardo García Posada Airport
CalderaDesierto de Atacama Airport
CalderillaDesierto de Atacama Airport
CamaronesVallenar Airport
Campamento Pastos LargosVallenar Airport
Cancha de CarretasRicardo García Posada Airport
Canto del AguaVallenar Airport
CaracolVallenar Airport
CaraguaChacalluta Airport
Carpa Numero CuatroDesierto de Atacama Airport
Carrizal BajoVallenar Airport
CarrizalilloChañaral Airport
CarrizalilloVallenar Airport
Carrizalillo ChicoVallenar Airport
Carrizalillo GrandeVallenar Airport
CarrizoVallenar Airport
CaseronDesierto de Atacama Airport
CastilloRicardo García Posada Airport
CentinelaVallenar Airport
ChalleVallenar Airport
ChanaralVallenar Airport
Chanaral de AceitunaVallenar Airport
Chanar BlancoVallenar Airport
ChanarcilloVallenar Airport
Chanar QuemadoVallenar Airport
ChanchoquinVallenar Airport
Checo de PlataDesierto de Atacama Airport
CityNearest Airport
ChollayVallenar Airport
ChorrillosVallenar Airport
CoironViña del mar Airport
ConayVallenar Airport
Corrales del JuncalitoRicardo García Posada Airport
CortaderoRicardo García Posada Airport
CuevitasVallenar Airport
DomeykoVallenar Airport
Dos HermanasDesierto de Atacama Airport
El AlgodonVallenar Airport
El BarquitoChañaral Airport
El BerracoVallenar Airport
El CarrizoVallenar Airport
El ChacayVallenar Airport
El CorralVallenar Airport
El DuraznitoVallenar Airport
El EscorialVallenar Airport
El HigirioVallenar Airport
El HinojoVallenar Airport
El HundimientoRicardo García Posada Airport
El JardinRicardo García Posada Airport
El MaitenVallenar Airport
El MoradoVallenar Airport
El OlivoVallenar Airport
El PolloVallenar Airport
El PortilloVallenar Airport
El PozoLa Florida Airport
El SaladoChañaral Airport
El SaltoRicardo García Posada Airport
El SalvadorRicardo García Posada Airport
El SauceVallenar Airport
El TerneritoVallenar Airport
El TerronVallenar Airport
El TransitoVallenar Airport
El ZapalloVallenar Airport
El ZapalloVallenar Airport
EspantajosVallenar Airport
Finca Agua DulceRicardo García Posada Airport
FraguitaVallenar Airport
FranckeRicardo García Posada Airport
FreirinaVallenar Airport
GalleguillosDesierto de Atacama Airport
HigueritaVallenar Airport
HornitoDesierto de Atacama Airport
HuascoVallenar Airport
Huasco BajoVallenar Airport
Inca de OroRicardo García Posada Airport
Indio MuertoRicardo García Posada Airport
Ines ChicaRicardo García Posada Airport
IngenioDesierto de Atacama Airport