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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Chile for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
AntofagastaCerro Moreno Airport
CalamaEl Loa Airport
TocopillaBarriles Airport
TaltalLas Breas Airport
Aguada de CachinalLas Breas Airport
Aguada del PuebloLas Breas Airport
Aguas BlancasCerro Moreno Airport
AimaniEl Loa Airport
AiquinaEl Loa Airport
AlgortaBarriles Airport
AltamiraLas Breas Airport
AminchaEl Loa Airport
AyaviriEl Loa Airport
BalmacedaLas Breas Airport
BaquedanoCerro Moreno Airport
BarazarteLas Breas Airport
BarranquillaVallenar Airport
BeterEl Loa Airport
Bomba VergaraEl Loa Airport
BuenaventuraEl Loa Airport
Burro MuertoDesierto de Atacama Airport
CabanaEl Loa Airport
CalinaEl Loa Airport
CamarEl Loa Airport
Campamento El LacoEl Loa Airport
Campamento EsmeraldaCerro Moreno Airport
CaracoteEl Loa Airport
Casa de LataCerro Moreno Airport
Casa de PiedraDiego Aracena Airport
CasalataDiego Aracena Airport
CascabelesLas Breas Airport
CaspanaEl Loa Airport
CatalinaLas Breas Airport
CatarpeEl Loa Airport
ChanaralChañaral Airport
ChaxasEl Loa Airport
ChelaEl Loa Airport
ChiuchiuEl Loa Airport
ChorrillosEl Loa Airport
ChuquicamataEl Loa Airport
ChusquinaDiego Aracena Airport
CifunchoLas Breas Airport
CobijaBarriles Airport
CollaguasiDiego Aracena Airport
ColloEl Loa Airport
ColupitoBarriles Airport
CompaniaEl Loa Airport
ConchiEl Loa Airport
Conchi ViejoEl Loa Airport
CondorLas Breas Airport
CityNearest Airport
CondoromaEl Loa Airport
CopaquiriDiego Aracena Airport
CoscaEl Loa Airport
Coya SurBarriles Airport
CoyoEl Loa Airport
Cuadrilla DiezLas Breas Airport
CucuterEl Loa Airport
CupoEl Loa Airport
DupontEl Loa Airport
El BronceVallenar Airport
El NegrillarEl Loa Airport
El Ojo de San PedroEl Loa Airport
El TigreBarriles Airport
El YesoCerro Moreno Airport
Estacion YungayCerro Moreno Airport
Estancia ViejaLas Breas Airport
Flor del DesiertoEl Loa Airport
GaticoBarriles Airport
GuacateEl Loa Airport
GuatinEl Loa Airport
Hueso ParadoLas Breas Airport
Isla GrandeEl Loa Airport
Jose Francisco VergaraBarriles Airport
La ChimbaCerro Moreno Airport
LagunitaEl Loa Airport
La PortadaCerro Moreno Airport
La PosadaBarriles Airport
LequenaEl Loa Airport
LicanEl Loa Airport
Los BarrosVallenar Airport
Los DonesBarriles Airport
Los RiecillosComodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport
MachucaEl Loa Airport
MejillonesCerro Moreno Airport
MichillaBarriles Airport
MonolitoLas Breas Airport
MorralesLas Breas Airport
NacaraEl Loa Airport
Oficina AlemaniaLas Breas Airport
Oficina AmericanaCerro Moreno Airport
Oficina GrutasBarriles Airport
Oficina MariaEl Loa Airport
Oficina Maria ElenaBarriles Airport
Oficina OrienteCerro Moreno Airport
Oficina Pedro de ValdiviaBarriles Airport
Oficina PerseveranciaEl Loa Airport
Oficina RosarioLas Breas Airport
Oficina SalinitasLas Breas Airport
Oficina TocoBarriles Airport
Oficina YugoslaviaCerro Moreno Airport