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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Belarus for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
OrshaBalbasovo Air Base
PolatskVitebsk East Airport
PastavyMinsk 1 Airport
HaradokVitebsk East Airport
BraslawMinsk 1 Airport
ChashnikiVitebsk East Airport
TalachynBalbasovo Air Base
MiyoryVitebsk East Airport
SyannoVitebsk East Airport
DokshytsyMinsk International Airport
AnufriyevkaVitebsk East Airport
Poddub'yeVitebsk East Airport
NovinyVitebsk East Airport
VishnyakVitebsk East Airport
ArtemovoVitebsk East Airport
BurakovoVitebsk East Airport
VykhodtsyVitebsk East Airport
Red'kiBalbasovo Air Base
GoncharovoBalbasovo Air Base
YankovshchinaBalbasovo Air Base
KalinovkaBalbasovo Air Base
Paten'kiBalbasovo Air Base
VolevkiBalbasovo Air Base
VezhkiBalbasovo Air Base
PogodinoBalbasovo Air Base
ChernyshiBalbasovo Air Base
PechenkiBalbasovo Air Base
KovrovayaBalbasovo Air Base
Tsybul'skiyeBalbasovo Air Base
BystriyevkaBalbasovo Air Base
PutyatinaBalbasovo Air Base
PnevichiBalbasovo Air Base
Novoye GudovoBalbasovo Air Base
BoyaryBalbasovo Air Base
MagerovkaBalbasovo Air Base
ChernoyeBalbasovo Air Base
RomanovkaBalbasovo Air Base
ZastenkiBalbasovo Air Base
SvetachevkaBalbasovo Air Base
KozlovichiBalbasovo Air Base
LemnaBalbasovo Air Base
Chirvonoye YesipovoBalbasovo Air Base
RuminoBalbasovo Air Base
RybaltovoBalbasovo Air Base
PugachevoBalbasovo Air Base
Malaya MitkovshchinaBalbasovo Air Base
YakubovoBalbasovo Air Base
StupakiBalbasovo Air Base
ShabanyBalbasovo Air Base
BryukhovoBalbasovo Air Base
CityNearest Airport
StepanenkiVitebsk East Airport
Os'penkiVitebsk East Airport
ZaboryVitebsk East Airport
RublevoVitebsk East Airport
RechkiVitebsk East Airport
Sosnovaya NaspaVitebsk East Airport
DobrinoVitebsk East Airport
ShilyVitebsk East Airport
PastushkiVitebsk East Airport
SkogVitebsk East Airport
Rodnoye SeloVitebsk East Airport
IvashynaBalbasovo Air Base
GrishanyBalbasovo Air Base
BarsukiBalbasovo Air Base
ObukhovoBalbasovo Air Base
Zarech'yeBalbasovo Air Base
Novoye SeloBalbasovo Air Base
KorevoBalbasovo Air Base
Ust'yeBalbasovo Air Base
BabinichiBalbasovo Air Base
TorgovtsyBalbasovo Air Base
LevkiBalbasovo Air Base
SmetankaBalbasovo Air Base
RatsevoBalbasovo Air Base
BrantsevoBalbasovo Air Base
TuminichiBalbasovo Air Base
BelivoBalbasovo Air Base
Verkhov'yeBalbasovo Air Base
ShapchinoBalbasovo Air Base
LevkovoBalbasovo Air Base
ZvenyachiBalbasovo Air Base
RudnyaBalbasovo Air Base
Star'Balbasovo Air Base
DubovoyeBalbasovo Air Base
Nizhnyaya VerovoyshaBalbasovo Air Base
PogostBalbasovo Air Base
RomashkovoBalbasovo Air Base
BaglaiBalbasovo Air Base
Tyul'pinBalbasovo Air Base
LitusovoBalbasovo Air Base
ZubovoBalbasovo Air Base
NekrashevoBalbasovo Air Base
DoganovkaBalbasovo Air Base
AvseyevoBalbasovo Air Base
PapinoBalbasovo Air Base
BelenevoBalbasovo Air Base
TsypkiVitebsk East Airport
VakaryVitebsk East Airport
PosadVitebsk East Airport
ShirkiVitebsk East Airport