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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Belarus for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Homyel'Gomel Airport
MazyrBobrovichi Air Base
SvyetlahorskBobrovichi Air Base
KalinkavichyBobrovichi Air Base
DobrushGomel Airport
ZhytkavichyBobrovichi Air Base
KostyukovkaGomel Airport
PyetrykawBobrovichi Air Base
VyetkaGomel Airport
BardinyGomel Airport
RandovkaGomel Airport
BarchenokGomel Airport
KamunarGomel Airport
UzaGomel Airport
AktsyabrGomel Airport
ShyrokayeGomel Airport
RechkiGomel Airport
YagodnyyGomel Airport
KonichevGomel Airport
Pakhom'yev Monastyr'Gomel Airport
PlesyGomel Airport
MlynokGomel Airport
Pamyat'Gomel Airport
NaukhovichiGomel Airport
LebedevGomel Airport
VaznyasyenskiGomel Airport
Zaglyad'yeGomel Airport
PoselokGomel Airport
SelishcheGomel Airport
KalininaGomel Airport
MikhaylovkaGomel Airport
TsyerukhaGomel Airport
KholmyGomel Airport
Krasnaya Pakhar'Gomel Airport
IhawkaGomel Airport
MolinskGomel Airport
IvanovskGomel Airport
GayekGomel Airport
SaprikiGomel Airport
RepishcheGomel Airport
MotorinskiyGomel Airport
OsinnikGomel Airport
DubavitsaGomel Airport
BoretsGomel Airport
SkitokGomel Airport
Karloninskiye KhutoraGomel Airport
OsovinoGomel Airport
Krasnaya DolinaGomel Airport
Novaya KravtsovkaGomel Airport
GornoyeGomel Airport
CityNearest Airport
DawhalyessyeGomel Airport
DunayGomel Airport
ZaryaGomel Airport
TatarinoGomel Airport
LeninGomel Airport
Novaya KhoroshevkaGomel Airport
KrasnitsaGomel Airport
KorablishcheGomel Airport
Gol'shGomel Airport
BatsvinavaGomel Airport
AntonovkaGomel Airport
SawhasnayaGomel Airport
PriborGomel Airport
SlavaGomel Airport
Pobeditel'Gomel Airport
MuraveyGomel Airport
DubrovkaGomel Airport
Khutora SeminovskiyeGomel Airport
KhimyGomel Airport
PobedaGomel Airport
Artel'Gomel Airport
MolchanyGomel Airport
IvanovkaGomel Airport
BerezaGomel Airport
ArtyukhovskiyeGomel Airport
MalinawkaGomel Airport
Novaya VetkaBobrovichi Air Base
Zshtzr MayBabruisk Air Base
ZhdanovaBabruisk Air Base
AktsyabrBabruisk Air Base
VetkaBabruisk Air Base
Lisiy LogBabruisk Air Base
GutishcheGomel Airport
KazimirovoGomel Airport
SutokiGomel Airport
BarsukiGomel Airport
Nikol'skiyGomel Airport
MokhovayaGomel Airport
BlyuyevMogilev Airport
MikhaylovkaMogilev Airport
BorkiMogilev Airport
Zaozer'yeMogilev Airport
Il'chMogilev Airport
Podgut'yeMogilev Airport
GumnishcheMogilev Airport
Zavon'yeBabruisk Air Base
MaydanBabruisk Air Base
OstrovGomel Airport
KolyudyGomel Airport
PriborGomel Airport